Have you got the changes of The New Year in Beijing?

2022-06-06 0 By

It is said that the epidemic has changed people’s lives. Indeed, it has not only affected our health, but also restricted our freedom.All say that the Chinese New Year is not called the Chinese New Year, called a holiday, indeed, the city’s taste of the New Year light a lot, more like a long holiday.In my memory, during the Spring Festival, all the foreign tourists would go their separate ways early in Beijing. Once the Spring Festival arrives, Beijing will become an empty city, with empty streets and lanes and small shops closing down.The liveliest place in Beijing is the temple fair, which is the only place where the crowds can be seen shoulder to shoulder, as well as the ice and hot spring are popular activities for everyone to choose from.I don’t like the cold climate and cold atmosphere of The New Year in Beijing, so I prefer to travel for the New Year.However, this is the third Chinese New Year affected by the epidemic.This year, the year or the first, many pedestrians and vehicles on the road, park, shopping malls are bright, the cinema is packed, to the suburbs attractions are also show the scene of a traffic jam on the way with New Year’s day coincides with the games, in addition to the Spring Festival gala on TV are also constantly promote the ice and snow sports, Beijing now and past New Year’s day was different.As so many people stay in Beijing, the New Year in Beijing is becoming more like a long holiday.