LOL: WBG narrowly beat FPX, Nosuke sent him off without knowing it, and he got knocked out of his head

2022-06-06 0 By

Congratulations to WBG for defeating FPX for the first time in a year. The two teams seem to have similar overall strength, but WBG is obviously the better team, because WBG can beat Phoenix even with two inside players. As for who are these two, FPX lost but their overall performance is ok.Five players, not the sort of too much food in the little tiger according to the current performance is likely to become a single leader, LPL Cenozoic his career has just begun, after all, also has the very big progress space, suggested that other teams playing Clid don’t put blind monk, his blind but even the existence of fear, EDG Gori just so-so,Flash can not come out, the rest of the performance of Xiang elder brother can also, the bureau of life and death a little pull hip.

Ghost respectively in the two WBG is Sofm and On, also has the audience think dark angel, also calculate a giant fat victor selling sticks of inflection of the bow, and then selling of inflection, don’t know how take good rich, this can only say that these people request is too high, dark angel bright eye of more than three games don’t say this at the very least, and he is the first record is very luxurious,If there’s only one guy to pick, it’s Sofm. He usually starts getting sick in the playoffs, but this year it’s coming earlier than usual.

The final finish his Buddha and the dog was Clid, ancient resources is Clid walk to face retribution is gone, when the middle of the is going on all sorts of improper operation, then spent even more than the audience of this stupid, this is Sofm people held a stand comparison, but for other players will be, still perhaps can he bought were reported,Theshy’s last Kennan was too fierce, although the line was mediocre but the group battle played bright, basically every wave of group battle can maximize Kennan’s role, as long as Kennan flashed the FPX double C, there is no output space, but this is also due to Gori’s good coordination, several flashes do not put fofoward.

What I don’t understand is that the last wave of female announcers questioned Theshy’s role. Although Theshy didn’t drop the FPX double C in seconds after he entered the show, it doesn’t cover up his role. If TS hadn’t suddenly delayed the three phoenixes, the outcome would have been uncertain, and jinx and Foyego would have been passive after they dealt with Kennan.Xiang at this time when the owners would be a little white inside to feel, feel the game look down of Sofm is all don’t want to win, if not Theshy and refresh the peak out they had lost, sometimes playing well is understandable, but the teammate attitude is a little can’t accept, chun feng again to make an atonement for S10 world game with subsequent career, hoping to succeed this year.

Xiang last has been played by owners, even forgot to handshake segment after the end of the game, such as WBG players went when a man staring at the screen, if not his teammates reminded him to shake hands could he forget, thanks to the WBG’s waiting for him, if slightly past xiang elder brother because of this thing will be black powder can’t afford to lose,Looking at the performance of these three games, Xiang is not as good as Huan Feng, and the last one has the audience think that he is equipped with problems, which can only say that ordinary players or don’t hand over professional players out of the suit, how to push back is the fault of professional players.