Lonely old man with “close family”

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“Aunt, I come to help you wash the sheets and curtains.””Thank you for taking the time to help me with your busy work.”See Nanguan District self-improvement street North Community grid long Zhang Wenjing again door, live in the east long community Sun Lina aunt moved.”Quiet, sit down. I’ll get you a glass of water.”68-year-old Aunt Sun quickly beckoned Zhang Wenjing to sit down.”It’s cold these days. Wear more clothes when you visit. Don’t get cold.”The old man grasped Zhang Wenjing’s hand and said painstakingly.Speaking of the acquaintance with Aunt Sun Lina, zhang Wenjing, 45, recalled that in 2019 Aunt Sun moved to the Donglong community, their fate began in that year — When Zhang Wenjing registered the household, she learned that Aunt Sun had congenital heart disease, the city has no relatives.”My aunt rarely goes downstairs for fear of an accident.I am introverted because I have no one to talk to.Looking at the old man so, Zhang Wenjing some distressed.From then on, she became a frequent visitor to aunt Sun’s house, chatting with her and relieving her loneliness in her heart.When Aunt Sun was ill, she took her to the hospital.Aunt Sun’s faucet is broken, she found someone to repair;Knowing that Aunt Sun loved dumplings, she often wrapped them and sent them to her. She also took time to cook elbow, braised fish and other delicacies for Aunt Sun…”Wen Jing is so nice. She is my family.I used to just watch TV. Now I look forward to her coming and talking to me.”Talking about Zhang Wenjing’s meticulous care for her, the old man’s eyes filled with tears.”Caring for the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is everyone’s responsibility to show filial piety to the elderly, but the elderly alone need the care of the society, as the younger generation we should try our best to help them, let them feel the warmth of society.”Zhang Wenjing said.