One minute on stage, ten years off stage, the reporter immersed experience puxian opera, open puxian dialect teaching

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Many people know that Mahogany products in Putian are very famous, but they may not know that another kind of crafts in Putian Xianyou is also very popular — wood carvings.Visit large wood carvings “Thousands of miles of rivers and Mountains” in front of this large group carvings “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains” is said to be Yu Yuanjun master and team hand in hand ingenuity design, will be a variety of two tons of wood, spent five years of time, using a variety of techniques such as through carving, round carving, hollow carving production and become.As you can see, this 4.5 meters long, 1.5 meters high, 1 meters wide giant works can not be completed overnight, hits the withered trees in the authors carefully carved, once again glow with vitality.Reporter experience woodcarving craft production process to see large woodcarving, Xiao Lin is itching, so want to learn art, but the master said “one day want to learn is not too realistic!”Given up the difficulty factor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ of the polishing process, the master gave an entry-level task – string hand string!String good hand string, put into the exquisite gift box, Xiao Lin also calculate experience the whole production process.As a first-time visitor to Putian, what’s the first stop?Along the long mountain gate to go up, came to the ancestral temple.Here, Xiaohui saw a dress extremely rich characteristic staff member.Narrator Snow Zhen told Xiaohui, she wore clothes and hair accessories are mazu thousands of years ago their own design, in order to commemorate Mazu, to unify such a dress.The residents of Meizhou Island make a living by fishing from sea for generations. Meizhou Island is the most primitive and earliest birthplace of Mazu culture, so on special holidays and traditional holidays, the girls on the island will wear such “sailing head”.On the day of the interview, the custom performance also happened to catch up with the performance of the Ancestral Temple Tianfei Art Group.Meizhou Island is long and slender in the north and south, shaped like an eyebrow, just like the goddess in the minds of meizhou people, who protect the island tenderly. With faith in mind and family tradition, meizhou People from generation to generation have made life better with their hands.Feeling the beauty of Putian Opera There is another thing in Putian that has a sense of ceremony. If there is a happy event in the village, many villagers will invite the opera troupe to sing the opera, which is also a popular culture in Putian.Xiaohui also took the opportunity to play!As the saying goes, “one minute on the stage, ten years of work off the stage”, just a few minutes, a few simple actions, have a solid foundation of drama, when Xiaohui stepped down a moment, just deeply relieved.Puxian dialect is referred to as “the living fossil of ancient Chinese in central Plains”. Putian people love Puxian opera, from the elderly in their early years to the young children who are learning to speak. Although they are ignorant of the opera, it does not prevent them from receiving the enlightenment of Puxian Opera and learning the local dialect.Puxian Dialect has been described as a “living fossil of ancient Chinese in central China”. Perhaps fewer and fewer people will speak this language in the future, but putian people are still protecting it. Last year, the Putian CPPCC compiled a Dictionary of Puxian Dialect to preserve puxian dialect.Located in Jichuan Village, Shicang Township, Xianyou County, Putian, jichuan Village is an ancient village of the Han Dynasty with a history of more than 2,000 years. In recent years, it has won the title of “Chinese Traditional Village” and “Chinese Historical and cultural Village”, and is a good place to travel during the Spring Festival.Under the guidance of the narrator, the group first came to a thousand-year-old camphor tree, which is also the feng shui tree of the village.Walking along the rural road, you can see old houses with a sense of age everywhere. Due to the inconvenient transportation in the early years, the ancient buildings in Jichuan Village are relatively intact.In addition to many ancient dwellings, jichuan village has a lot of cultural landscape, the village has an ancient song Dynasty well, thousands of years, now can still provide villagers with sweet well water, speaking of the word “Jichuan”, in fact, there are allusion.Jichuan village interpreter Lin Meisheng we jichuan is called the riverbank pit, the Song Dynasty when Zheng Qiao won the first prize, the emperor summoned him to the temple test, “riverbank pit” two words at that time feel narrow, so the temple test directly changed to “Jichuan”, aim at assisting the king, serve the court.If you get tired of playing, you can go to the village history museum, which was transformed into MAO’s former residence, to feel the changes of the village.The road in The Sumi Mountain area, the red of the old revolutionary base area, and the blue of the Gimjong Reservoir, one of the only two millennia-old “camphor hugging banyan” trees in the country, have become the colorful Jecheon today.If you don’t like it, you can take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to invite family or friends to punch in together.