Universiade volunteers send love to left-behind children

2022-06-06 0 By

“Thank you big brother big sister for my book!”Chengdu Universiade volunteers sent a warm winter gift to Li Ran (pseudonym), a left-behind child in Qingbaijiang District, Today.After receiving the gift, Li Ran embraced the volunteers and said “thank you” in a childish tone.Recently, chengdu universiade executive committee volunteer department joint communist youth league of qingbaijiang district longquanyi district committee, the communist youth league committee to carry out the “love chengdu, to meet the universiade I get things done for the populace “feeling warm childishness sympathy activities, longquanyi district, qingbaijiang district left-behind, trouble sent to focus on youth groups such as the festival greetings and wishes and reference books, such as down jacket warm winter gift.Event, the universiade volunteers and children conducted in close communication, communication, detailed understanding of their learning, life and health of body and mind, etc., encourage them to face the music and keep positive attitude to learning, learn to self-reliance self-reliance, healthy and happy growth, with high honors returns family and social concern.The volunteers sent warm gifts with good wishes to the children and made a contribution to their healthy growth.The children smiled brightly, unable to hide their joy at receiving their presents.”I want to save the clothes I received for Chinese New Year, and I also like these books.”Li Ran told reporters that compared with the gifts, he felt more happy to have these big brothers and sisters to chat with him and encourage him to face difficulties and setbacks.”It warms our hearts to see their innocent smiles when they receive gifts.”Lu Xiao, a volunteer who participated in the activity, said, “I hope this activity will bring warmth to key groups of young people who are left behind and in difficulties and let them feel the temperature of the city.”It is reported that the Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee volunteer department will vigorously promote the “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress” of the volunteer spirit, play to the member units, social groups, in chengdu colleges and universities and other fields of organizational advantages, actively integrate social love youth, college students volunteers, parents volunteers and other resources,We continued to carry out voluntary service activities with the theme of “Love Chengdu, Welcome the Universiade and Do Practical things for the Masses”, so that the masses could personally feel the light and heat of volunteer service for the Universiade in detail.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Huang Yi for chengdu Universiade executive committee editor Tian Li proofread Song Hexiao