What’s the use of raising tea pets

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“Raising tea pets” has no practical use.Not everything in the world has a purpose. As a decoration on the tea plate, tea pets are not necessary to exist. For example, tea pets rarely appear in the Congou tea culture in Chaoshan area of southern Fujian.Some people may have added such an item to their tea tray out of sheer personal preference.What is tea pet?Tea pet refers to the pet of tea people.As its name implies, it is a pet nourished by tea or something to play with while drinking tea. Most of them are pottery crafts made of purple sand or clear mud, and some are porcelain or stone.The common shapes of tea pets are toad (golden toad), boy and girl, elephant, Maitreya Buddha, pig, PI xiu, feet and so on, according to people’s preferences.Tea pets are not regarded as tea sets with tea sea, justice cups and tureen, but rather as a kind of literary play similar to walnuts and handstrings.How to raise tea pets?The so-called tea pet, with the walnut plate, twist hand string has the same thing.In the process of cultivation, only water zhuo with tea, do not use water.This will give you a soft and smooth touch.Slowly the surface of the tea pet began to “patina” the same change, become more lubricated, in the eyes of the people who raise tea pets, it is considered to be raised well.