A woman was beaten and dragged away by her family after she failed to pay 500,000 yuan as a bride price

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Recently, a website red blogger “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” said that he has a girlfriend who has been in love for six years, both sides have reached the point of talking about marriage, originally two people through efforts to buy a house and write the name of the girlfriend, did not think this marriage was strongly opposed by the woman’s parents.Because the man could not pay the bride price of 500,000 yuan, the girl was forcibly dragged out of the house by her parents, not only dragging a leg on the ground, but also beating her with a coat hanger. The whole process was heart-wrenching, not only for the bad behavior of this pair of elders feel the atmosphere, but also for the obstructed love heart.The girl’s parents, who also have a younger brother at home, asked the man for 500,000 yuan as a bride price in order to raise the down payment for their son, has been widely blamed on the girl’s parents. After all, such a family is a real life version of Fan Shengmei.In the video, the blogger can be seen running to his girlfriend’s aid after breaking free from the attack, only to be forced to hold him down and beat by a large crowd of her family, who also took several bags of belongings before returning home to contact the police.In the comments section, there were many comments. Although most of them were mocking the parents’ vulgar concept, some people stood in the perspective of human nature and thought that maybe the parents were very opposed to the angry and casual remark of 500,000 yuan, in order to let the man back off and let the daughter see clearly.In fact, this idea is not completely impossible, after all, parents love their children, do not want their daughter after marriage regret not happy, if the parents are satisfied with the boyfriend would not want so much bride price!There are people from the ancient culture to their own ideas, think if this is not acting to bride price is high, the root cause in the social system, their parents, as a ao son to marry, don’t let the daughter married to a man six years lived, so her daughter also know the bride is younger brother to go with their family subsidies.So it’s both sides’ fault on the surface, but it’s culture at heart.Others questioned the couple’s relationship, saying that the blogger posted the video of the girl on the Internet and made her family’s scandal public. If the couple failed to get married, the girl’s reputation would be ruined, and few of the vampire family would dare to marry.What’s more, a man lets his girlfriend live with him without the consent of the woman’s parents. Such irresponsible behavior can hardly be seen as true love. Maybe the 500,000 yuan is just an excuse to dump the blame.Many people say that marriage is two personal things, but this story is actually very naive, at least in the big background, the law of our country is very protective support relationship between parents and children, and your property relations between husband and wife, so the marriage is between two families, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality of life after marriage.For most couples, it’s still worth checking up on their partner’s family members before getting married, such as whether their parents are old-fashioned.At present, this matter has been hotly discussed on the Internet, it is obvious that this is not a simple family conflict event, which has also joined the social and legal factors, it is difficult to adjust to everyone’s opinion, everyone’s argument is reasonable, the matter is still in the process of processing, hope to see a good result as soon as possible.In a word, now people’s freedom of love and marriage is protected by law, no one has the right to interfere, but from the perspective of parents, do not agree with this marriage is also for the good of their children, which is right and which is wrong, we as outsiders can only express personal views, how to continue to pay attention to.