Buy is to earn, Chengdu Tiger 7 car discount 10.01%

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Although buying a car is nothing new these days, it also means a new way of life for young people. Even if you have a small budget, I would recommend buying a car with good sex, which allows you to go to more scenic places.It’s a big deal.When buying a car, how to prevent a flicker not to spend money in vain chengdu friends are very lucky!We sincerely offer time-limited promotions for those who want to buy Chery Tiger 7, and let us have a look at the outstanding value of the star cars participating in this promotion.Chery majestic Juhui, enjoy non-stop![4S] Sichuan Donglian Chery shop – Chery Auto shop car special, waiting for your action!Super power listed 7 heavy gift cash gift: make up 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan financial gift: enjoy up to 5000 yuan financial subsidy replacement gift: enjoy up to 7000 yuan full product replacement subsidy additional purchase gift: Enjoy up to 3000 yuan additional purchase subsidy warranty gift: enjoy free lifetime warranty engine (replacement owners only) flow gift:Enjoy basic flow free for life, entertainment flow 1 year free (limited to the first owner) health gift: enjoy CN95 medical grade air filter (factory has been equipped) replacement, purchase policy two to choose one, do not enjoy at the same time;Address:Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Jinniu District, No. 83, West Shu Road ~ promotion time from February 08, 2022 to February 08, 2022 Ruihu 7 latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Chengdu offer 1.5T manual comfort 83,900 yuan 0.6,600 yuan 77,300 yuan 1.5TManual elite type 919,900 RMB 60,600 RMB 85,300 RMB Shengoing edition 1.5T CVT Shengoing edition 1 99,900 RMB 10,900 RMB 89,900 RMB Shengoing edition 1.5T CVT Shengoing edition 2 108,900 RMB 10,900 RMB 9,900 RMB Shengoing edition 1.6TDCT Shenzheng no.5, 109,900 yuan, 99,900 yuan, 1.6T DCT Shenzheng No.6, 118,900 yuan, 108,900 yuan, 1.5T, CVT Super Warrior, 91,900 yuan, 109,900 yuan, 1.5TCVT beast guardians of 86900 yuan, 01000 yuan 85900 yuan ultra version 1.5 T CVT heros 97900 yuan to 01000 yuan, 96900 yuan ultra version 1.6 T DCT chaoneng warriors 102900 yuan to 01000 yuan, 101900 yuan ultra version 1.6 TDCT Heroes 119,900 yuan 1010,900 yuan