Elegant women wear “hoodie + wide-leg pants”, remember “3 to 3 do not”, spring can be more beautiful

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Winter is past, the pace of the spring be far behind, elegant and fashionable woman in the aesthetic sense of smell that tend to fast, one small step for a man start wondering spring outfit, after all, the spring of the grass sprout out of the earth is the most rare background plate of fashion, a nice outfit let woman increasingly appear relaxed and happy, in such an environment comfortable mood.Such season, want to hold fashionable grace concurrently and comfortable, that must not miss the collocation of all-match guard garment and wide leg pants, these two sheet tastes contracted but not simple, need collocation only proper, can youth beautiful beautiful.As this issue to talk about the “fleece + wide-legged pants” collocation “don’t” third, we need three rules, together and see it ~ fleece and wide-legged pants are leisure properties are more thick sheet is tasted, so inevitable style design will be more relaxed, the “+” come loose big profile match actually changes the old dress must be “elastic combined with” normal, more fashionable with aura.However, if it is not properly matched, it will appear greasy and bloated. Therefore, when we match hoodie and wide-leg pants, we should pay attention to the proportion of dressing, so as to remove the bloated.Preferred length but buttock hoodie, avoid too long hoodie version buried their waist line position caused by the loose, the appropriate length of the two mix, in order to really leisure and atmosphere.Or when the length is a little longer, you can also use the way of “tucking Angle” and the design of the hoodie itself, such as a fork, to improve the position of the waist line, slimming and taller.Secondly, you can sometimes use certain “white space” rules to reduce the loose sense of hoodies and wide-leg pants together.For example, the neck of the upper body can be appropriately left out, the choice of collar mouth can be V collar, less choose the hoodie with heavy hats and will cover the neck of the pile collar design, as long as the use of good clothing and body shape mutually foil advantage can create a satisfactory coordination and collocation effect.In addition to the white on the neck, we can also focus on the skin of the ankle, so it is better to choose the length of eight or nine minutes of wide-leg pants more safe.Of course, it’s not about exposing the skin to the ankle, but a sock that echoes the color of the outfit adds layers while resisting bloat.Hoodies and wide-leg pants, both of which are almost simple in area and design, color selection is the most important thing at this time. If you choose a large number of colors with a very expansive sense, it will easily cause eye-popping visual fatigue.A good collocation should be eye-catching but not eye-catching to be more elegant and stylish.Therefore, we should pay attention to control the area when using color.And fleece and wide-legged pants collocation, the most bright eye is fleece choice has the breath of spring bright color, bright color can instantly boosted outspread vision, have the effect of the tall, but notice the wide-legged pants must choose the colour of low saturation, to neutralize fleece is handsome feeling, create bright eye can be achieved.If you like color on wide-leg pants, you must not miss khaki denim wide-leg pants. The softness and advanced khaki make wide-leg pants more composed and elegant, and also make hoodie color choice more possible, follow your heart, but also can balance the pattern of wearing.Hoodie and wide leg pants themselves mix the wind is very unique attributes, unique to bring the delicate feeling of the most avoid the stacking of elements, in addition to the hoodie design elements, do not ignore even if there is no design of clothing should also try to match a focus of the line of sight, to achieve a delicate collocation effect.So how to make this way, let’s have a look.When it comes to hoodies and wide-leg pants, many women love simple, crisp, solid colors, but this approach is too simple without any focal point, which can be too boring.Right now can put the key on a pair of shoes that design distinguishing feature alone or deserve to act the role of above, it can be colour and dress have contrast, also can be design design has window, catch a person eyeball, let wear take casual rise of a fashionable height.If the item is not a solid color style, but a relatively new, or eye-catching color clothing, it is more prone to the problem of unclear focus.Better solution means at this time is to use “colour echo”, “one deep one shallow”, “one flower one element” wait for law, let dress always anacreontic have foothold, already beautiful do not break dignified, accord with the lady of each age group.Anyhow, any collocation cannot take for granted, even if the figure is again good appearance level again high, also need a delicate collocation ability more give color, not to mention as most ordinary people of us, want to be more elegant, ferial pay more attention to wear build will be more beautiful.The content of this issue is over, you can express any supplementary discussion in the comments, see you next time!Every time the beauty of knowledge harvest is to meet a better yourself.Statement: This article original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!~ C # Become beautiful encyclopedia ## Fashion style wear ## What to wear today #