Eleven big trucks stormed the station in the wee hours of the morning!The results…Arrest!

2022-06-07 0 By

Big beauty the qijiang count message, recently, many overrun overload truck took advantage of the sparsely populated, dim, in the morning by jurisdiction triangle overloading transportation testing station, the boot command, ignored the traffic law enforcement officers refused to stop to be tested, and the force through super site, and part of the vehicle cover plate, law enforcement officers immediately hedge standing vehicle information for the record.▲ Law enforcement officers take the vehicle track by viewing the monitoring records, law enforcement officers found that the station trucks are full of goods, illegal behavior is extremely bad, there are huge security risks.The law enforcement detachment quickly took action, comprehensively used image detection, GPS positioning, big data analysis and other technical means to investigate the specific information of the station fleet, comprehensively investigated the vehicle license plate number, and followed up the driving route according to the vehicle GPS positioning and dynamic track.In addition, for the ABNORMAL GPS signal or flaring out during the day can not show the track of action station trucks, law enforcement officers carefully analyze the loading of goods, driving routes, running characteristics and so on, through rolling to the site, fixed point guarding, directional patrol, finally in the early morning when the vehicle again set out to transport goods will be seized.After a week of tracking, the district traffic bureau will be 11 early morning forcibly rushed station trucks “arrested.””Truck overloading transport not only seriously damage highway infrastructure, affect road traffic, and very easy to cause traffic accidents harm people’s lives and property safety.”District traffic bureau related person in charge said, next, the bureau will take “science and technology to rule over + pavement law enforcement” combination of the way, further reasonable use of science and technology means, so that the overload truck no escape, to maintain road transport market order.