Focus on the TWO sessions | drawing a picture of rural revitalization in the new era

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We will consolidate and expand our achievements in poverty alleviation, continue to monitor and help prevent people from falling back into poverty, and manage and utilize funds for various poverty alleviation projects.Resolutely guard the bottom line of preventing poverty from returning to poverty on a large scale, and promote the construction of “Beautiful Sichuan, livable villages” across the board;Accelerate the construction of the province’s mountainous rural revitalization demonstration city……In this year’s government work report, the measures for rural revitalization and development are specific and targeted.What are the suggestions of the delegates attending the second session of the eighth National People’s Congress?As a grassroots delegate, Li Lijuan focuses on rural revitalization and development.How to effectively link the consolidation of poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalization, and demonstrate new responsibilities and new achievements on the road to the national entrance examination?She said that she will take the initiative to integrate into the overall development of cities and counties based on the actual political situation, adhere to the leadership and team, strengthen the grassroots fighting fort, strive to optimize the business environment, and attract successful overseas people to return home for innovation and entrepreneurship.Will strengthen the revitalization of the support, do real and stronger two reforms “second half” article, vigorously develop the green ecology, characteristic agriculture industry, development of new type of rural collective economy, the innovation of social management, set up the new wind civilization, as a whole pays special attention to the economic development and security of the bottom line of cohesion, strengthen the ecological management and environmental protection, strengthen rural revitalization of development foundation.”We hope that more preferential policies will be given to our remote villages and towns in terms of project investment, industrial development, talent revitalization and infrastructure complement, so as to lay a foundation for the full implementation of rural revitalization and promote high-quality economic and social development.”She said.Chen Fengjie, deputy of municipal People’s Congress:To narrow the gap in towns and cities infrastructure as the same from the villages and towns grass-roots deputies, Chen Fengjie said the government work report summary result carry weight, describe the quality of development and arrangement planning has power, they will pay special attention to the meeting after the meeting spirit to carry out the propaganda, especially about rural comprehensive revitalization of the implementation of related work, pays special attention to the white toward the village collective economic development,Accelerating development and increasing people’s incomes through strengthening the collective economy;Pay attention to the cultivation of local talents, provide talent and technical support for rural revitalization;Pay special attention to the improvement of infrastructure in Baichao township, further narrow the gap with urban infrastructure, improve the happiness of the masses.In the government work report, it is mentioned that we should expand cultural tourism market space, vigorously develop rural tourism, red tourism, health tourism and ecological tourism, and strive to create a new engine for cultural tourism development that combines “red and green”.On how to make red tourism really become a special core industry to promote the local economic construction, Fan Bingxiu suggested to carry out various thematic activities with red resources as the carrier, and highlight red culture and folk culture in the overall design and layout of red tourism scenic spots.Red culture can be transformed into dynamic and three-dimensional tourism products by Internet technology.Strengthen the integration of red resources, red tourism and green tourism, cultural landscape and natural landscape, cultural relics and non-cultural relics, revolutionary tradition education and tourism industry;Continue to improve the tourism reception capacity, from the local tourism development chain capacity level, improve the scenic road, walking path and scenic parking and other supporting facilities, in catering, accommodation and other supporting services outstanding advantages, constantly improve the quality of service level, with the development of red tourism, drive economic development, boost rural revitalization.Bu Yingpeng, deputy of the Municipal People’s Congress, said that the early realization of integrated development of agriculture and tourism is to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Bu yingpeng believes that we should seize the opportunity and measure the situation.He suggested that based on the local reality of Jiange, vigorously develop breeding industry, especially beef cattle and sheep industry;The government should increase the support and input to farmers’ policies, funds and other aspects, expand the scale of beef cattle and sheep industry breeding, and create a local brand belonging to Jiange;We should make full use of the opportunity of rural revitalization to attract more migrant workers to return to their hometowns to start businesses, integrate the surplus rural labor force, actively develop the planting and breeding industry, and realize the integrated development of agriculture and tourism by taking advantage of the rich local tourism resources in Jiange.Guangyuan Daily all media reporter Zhang Xin Responsible editor: Wu Minjia