Good car habits can help your car last longer

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In daily use of cars, every habit will affect the situation of the car with the cumulative use of the car.A good habit will make the car more and more useful and extend the service life.A bad habit will make the car worse and worse, affecting its service life.Must pay attention to maintenance, incorrect car habits will bring a certain amount of damage to the car, then how is correct?One, after turning off the engine, it is suggested to reduce the electric appliances in the car. The power supply of the electric appliances in the car is provided by the battery. The battery and the generator can be charged circularly, so there is no need to turn off the electric appliances deliberately before turning off the engine.But the problem is that the service life of any battery is a design time limit, excessive use will certainly shorten the service time, reduce the service life, so in the parking before closing the car electric equipment, especially high-power equipment is very necessary, especially those with sound vehicles and can see the video of the vehicle!Two, maintenance should be timely in the use of the vehicle, must be on time, according to the mileage maintenance.In fact, as a driver, careful words, can feel the car needs maintenance, because the oil to the maintenance time or mileage (recommended half a year or 5000 kilometers), the sound of the engine, the speed of the car and just changed the oil feeling completely different.Some people only change their oil once a year because they drive less miles, which is not entirely true.The main function of oil is lubrication, cleaning and cooling.The decay of oil has a certain period of time. After the oil is exposed to the air for about 3 months after the cover is opened, it begins to oxidize. The function gradually decreases and the engine lubrication, cleaning and heat dissipation can not be achieved, which may lead to damage to automobile parts.In addition, different types of oil change cycle is also different.Here we attach a list of different types of oil replacement cycle, so that it is clear: mineral oil: 5000 km or 6 months semi-synthetic oil: 7500 km or 6 months full synthetic oil: 10000 km or 12 monthsThe so-called hot car is the lubricating oil needs to raise the temperature as soon as possible.After the engine temperature rises, the oil viscosity decreases, the resistance becomes smaller, and the engine can be lubricated better, so as to prolong the service life of the engine.If it is a geothermal car, idling will not quickly raise the engine temperature, such a situation will only exacerbate engine wear.Correct approach: the car, the car gear, low speed driving for a road (engine speed at about 1800 turn) and so on after the water temperature, and then start normal driving.Automatic-shift cars, on the water temperature, engine speed is maintained at about 1800 RPM, cold stage of car engine speed is too high, after all, will have too much damage on the car, on the road opposite sides-to hold, potholes, speed bumps gently too fast increase of tire wear easily, very easy to cause fetal wall injury, the impact on the shock absorber is also very big.If often too fast through, the impact on the car parts, will shorten the life of the shock absorber.Not only that, steering and steering will also be a great impact, resulting in damage.And if the chassis of the vehicle is not high enough, it will cause bottom dragging, damage to the oil pan and suspension structure damage. Five, try to return to the steering wheel when parking is very common, most of which are some careless car owners.When the vehicle turns, due to the existence of the wheel kingpin tilt Angle and the design of the tire tilt, the tire is not completely tread on the ground, but the shoulder and part of the tread force, so it will bring a lot of pressure to the tire side wall.Both kingpin inclination and backward at the same time, will give the wheel a return is stress, in that case the wheel on the steering drag link of a to the trend of rotary and stress, elastic supporting part of the suspension system also will be affected by the stress, steering gear and steering tie rod rack at the same time, can have a corresponding to the trend of rotary.If parking does not return to the steering wheel, these stresses will continue to be imposed on these three parts and cannot be released, which will accelerate the aging or deformation of these parts over time.In fact, in the major parts of the car, the consumption of fast, should cause attention is the wheel, the condition of the wheel will not only directly affect the condition of the vehicle, more related to driving safety.Air conditioning must be cleaned and maintained 1. Air conditioning condenser is generally in the car net, mosquitoes and flies and other insect bodies and silt will be contaminated. Over a long time, the condenser will rust, so as to shorten the service life of air conditioning.2, air conditioning evaporation box is damp and dark all the year round, breeding a large number of fungi, bacteria, bacteria, mold and other harmful substances to human body.3, pay attention to the warm air pipeline and fan maintenance.Pay attention to the defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal, heat is enough.The above problems, to timely maintenance to solve, otherwise, will bring unsafe factors to driving, bring harm to the health of the car.