Hohhot 19-year-old “ice and snow” girl Zhao Dan: China’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

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Zhao Dan, a 19-year-old girl from Hohhot, is the flag-bearer of the Chinese sports delegation for the opening ceremony of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, a symbolic symbol of ice and snow sports and tourism in Hohhot to a new level.I hope Hohhot’s smiling face and the smiling face of Inner Mongolia grassland will be on the medal table of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Inner Mongolia’s 24 million people, especially Hohhot’s 3.5 million people, are eagerly looking forward to it.Zhao Dan was born in Hohhot in 2002 and lives in Helinger County. She is an excellent athlete who came out of Hohhot Experimental Middle School. Her first coach was also in Hohhot.In September 2018, he was selected to the China Skeleton bobsled Team. He is the youngest athlete in the national skeleton bobsled team.Zhao Dan participated in the Youth Olympic Games in Switzerland for the first time as a member of The Chinese national team and finished seventh. It was the first time for the Chinese women’s skeleton bobsleigh to compete in the Youth Olympic Games.In the 2021-2022 season, Zhao Dan won the intercontinental Cup in Innsbruck.In the domestic winter Olympic trials, Zhao Dan won the first place in two competitions and four skates, and finally got the first place in the total score to enter the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Speed skater Gao Tingyu was the other flag-bearer of The Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics cheered on the Chinese athletes.Speaking about the flag-bearer selection, Ni Huizhong, secretary general of the Chinese delegation, said Gao, who is competing in his second Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal last year, achieved a breakthrough for Chinese men’s speed skating and has had a good season.Zhao Dan, 19 years old, was selected into the delegation after multiple rounds of selection and is a trained young player.I hope we can feel the expectation of the delegation and recognize the efforts of the athletes and their breakthroughs.Gao Ting Yutu zhao Dan began his sports career by practicing the long jump and triple jump.”She started training with me in 2016. The first time I met her, I thought she was a good prospect for sports!”Zhao Dan is tall and has amazing explosive power. Zhang Xin, the first coach, caught her eye.In 2018, Zhao Dan ushered in an important turning point in her sports career. She won two gold MEDALS in the long jump and triple jump at the Inner Mongolia Regional Games, and her outstanding performance attracted more attention.In the same year, the China Skeleton snow team selected talents for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. This time, short-jumper was given priority in the cross-sport selection.Zhao Dan’s excellent explosive power is one of the necessary conditions for the steel frame bobsled athletes to push the sled for the first 30 meters.Encouraged by Zhang and the Winter Management Center of The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhao went to Shenyang to attend the selection.Zhao Dan still remembers the selection for the national team. “At that time, I didn’t have an advantage in weight and age, so I just wanted to go out and see the world. After all, the national team was like a god in my eyes,” zhao said.What is exciting is that Zhao Dan performed well in the audition, the comprehensive score of the test project was the first, and made an exception to enter the national team.”No matter who the opponent is, I only compete with myself!””I play every game as if it is the last game of my career. As long as I do my best, I will be worthy of myself no matter what the result is,” zhao said.Zhao Dan has a strong sense of mission as he prepares to compete in the Olympic Games, which all athletes aspire to.”It’s not easy to participate in the Olympics at home,” she said. “It’s an absolute home for ice and snow athletes. I hope I can do my best and win honor for my country.””I only knew she was in the Olympic Village before, and Zhao didn’t say anything in the video call,” said Zhao’s father, Zhao Haifeng, who lives in Helinger County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Chinese skeleton bobsledder Zhao Dan will carry the women’s flag at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, while Gao Tingyu from Heilongjiang province will carry the men’s flag, officials said Wednesday.Zhao haifeng told reporters that he also learned the news from his friends circle, and the news was finally confirmed when Zhao Dan spoke with his family later.Zhao haifeng did not say much about his daughter’s good news, but was excited. “The most important thing is whether we can achieve good results at home in the next competition,” he said.Zhao Dan was a triple jumper when he was a student in Hohhot, and entered the National steel-frame snow team in October 2018 through cross-disciplinary selection, zhao’s father, Zhao Haifeng, told reporters.In September 2018, it was selected into the China Steel Frame Snow team.In the domestic Olympic trials, she ranked first in total score and entered the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.Zhao Dan, who was born in 2002, originally practiced track and field events. After cross-field selection, he was selected to the China Skeleton bobsled team in September 2018. He is the youngest athlete in the skeleton bobsled national team.In Hohhot Sports School, Zhao Dan’s first coach was Zhang Xin, a teacher from Hohhot Experimental Middle School.Zhang xin said that It was from Hohhot that Zhao Dan came to the national team.Since August 2016, Zhang Xin has been training Zhao Dan in track and field. She has practiced the long jump and triple jump. She has perseverance, good innate conditions and good elasticity and explosive power of muscles.In 2016, at the age of 13, Zhao Dan was selected to the school’s track and field team for professional training. He had to repeat several seemingly simple movements thousands of times every day, including run-up, arm swing and long jump.In 2018, Zhao won two titles at the Inner Mongolia Regional Games.After being selected as the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation, Zhao Dan, a girl from Hohhot, posted on her Micro blog, “I already feel lucky to be able to participate in the Olympic Winter Games at home. Now I have another identity, which makes me feel more responsible and mission.I will cherish the trust the organization has given me, and I will bring out the great potential in my heart and strive to show the best of myself on the court.”Zhao Dan’s father, Zhao Haifeng, said that Zhao Dan, as the flag-bearer of the Chinese delegation, cannot do without her love and pursuit of sports and the country’s unremitting cultivation of her.Come on, bring back the medal for the motherland.