Japan nuclear food import difficult to implement inspection?Taiwan inspection authorities sigh that equipment investment is difficult to grasp fear of abuse

2022-06-07 0 By

According to Taiwan media on February 9, Taiwan’s administrative authorities announced the lifting of the ban on nuclear food imports in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture and other five counties, which can be imported food must be tested with radiation testing and double certificates of origin, and adopt “border inspection”, “Taiwan original energy Association” refers to the chain of 7 laboratories in Taiwan, can test up to 70,000 pieces per year, in principle, sufficient quantity.However, inspection authorities said that the investment in inspection equipment is difficult to grasp, too much investment but nothing to do, will be approved waste of public money, insufficient investment will lead to inspection can not be enough, a matter may be scolded smelly head.”Nuclear radiation detection, director of the center for” hsu ming-te, said the fukushima incident, we paid great attention to the problem of nuclear food, Taiwan can detect the radioactive content in the food authority about 7 to 10 units, Yang Ming university, jiaotong university, Taipei new north electric radiation laboratory and north city health bureau, taoyuan nuclear research, hsinchu is clearly;In the south, besides the Radiation Detection Center of the Atomic Energy Commission, there are also kaohsiung Health Bureau, The University of Science and Technology and the radiation Laboratory of the Third Nuclear Plant.Xu mingde took the “pure germanium detector” set up by the Atomic Energy Radiation Detection Center as an example, saying that each food sample can be detected in about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Under normal conditions, a machine can handle about 20 samples in a day, and it takes about an hour for one sample to be retested beyond the standard, but the proportion is generally not high.An inspection authority in the south said that the Japanese authorities test all the exported food before releasing it, and basically have strict internal control. However, although the probability of errors in Japan is not high, Taiwan island still needs to take a strict view on the testing of good food, “because it is important to reassure the public”.Unfortunately, investment in inspection equipment is hard to make. Too much money for nothing is seen as a waste of public money.