Jingyang’s tourism revenue totaled 35.55 million yuan during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-06-07 0 By

Zheng Guoqu scenic spot “landscape leisure tour”, Longquan Commune “rural sightseeing tour”……During the Spring Festival holiday, Jingyang County effectively paid attention to epidemic prevention and control and tourism safety work, the popularity of key tourist attractions, landscape tourism, rural tourism, parent-child tourism, self-driving travel interwoven, the county received a total of 110,600 tourists, tourism revenue 35.55 million yuan.During the Spring Festival, as the epidemic prevention and control work became normal, Zhengguoqu Scenic Spot introduced ticket reduction policies to jingyang tourists and medical staff from all over the country, attracting local tourists to go out of their homes and visit nearby places.At the scenic spot, the tourists lined up to take their temperatures and register with their real names under the guidance of the staff to enter the park in an orderly manner.Natural wonders and man-made scenic spots, such as The Internet Celebrity Time Tunnel, Zheng Guohu, Fuyun Terrace, Heigou and Peacock Bay, attract tourists to take photos for themselves.In recent years, Zhengguoqu tourism scenic area has achieved a major breakthrough in its overall supporting facilities, comprehensive tourism management, and tourism image. It has the necessary conditions to create a national 5A scenic spot, allowing tourists to enjoy landscape, taste delicious food, and feel the unique jingyang Spring Festival journey with regional characteristics.Walking into the Scenic area of Longquan Commune, you will see the strong flavor of the New Year and guanzhong customs coming to you. The red lanterns everywhere flutter in the wind, and the bustling crowds and dazzling goods, accompanied by the rising and falling shouts, play the “happy prelude” of the Spring Festival together.Because of convenient transportation, Longquan Commune scenic area has become the first choice for many tourists to travel around during the Spring Festival.(Xie Tao)