Listed full moon orders nearly ten thousand kai Chen big V hot selling nationwide

2022-06-07 0 By

On September 27, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen BIG V was officially listed in the country. Under the condition of chip supply, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen BIG V still achieved encouraging results at the beginning, with 9840 cumulative orders since the opening of pre-sale, and maintained a good momentum of growth, and again created the sales peak of Dongfeng Nissan Qichen bike, hot sales throughout the country.Qichen BIG V can get high popularity and best-selling behind the country, dongfeng Nissan Qichen car demand for young people’s deep insight and young people’s recognition of its values.As a “young and ZAO” model, Qichen BIG V not only to more handsome appearance level, more dazzling technology, more cool experience to meet the needs of the young generation of cars, at the same time the starting price dropped to less than 100,000 yuan, so that users can spend less money to enjoy high value products.And from the product, emotion, spirit, culture and other aspects of the marketing way to “make friends” constantly shorten the distance with young people.While bringing spiritual added value to users, it opens the infinite possibilities of “big V” life.Look level ceiling, pay if you like.Dongfeng Nissan Qichen BIG V high wind design in line with aerodynamics, between the movement, avant-garde and dynamic, to show a high level of appearance trend young taste.The new generation V-Galaxy family front face and star diamond front face can instantly ignite the aesthetic cool point of young people.1917mm body width, 1.18 aspect ratio of the same leading!1.6m light blade penetrating taillight is the only one at the same level!The leading 1.7㎡ ultra-wide Angle light canopy can meet the needs of vision and field of vision.24-inch integrated screen and 64 color aurora atmosphere light bring a flowing visual experience, which can bring the driver a simple and delicate sense of modern technology.It is full of science and technology, and the experience is more dazzling.Kai Chen BIG V is equipped with kai Chen V-Link Nebula intelligence system, can be said to be big V essential portable “electronic new pet”.Not only can cars, smart homes and smart phones be easily interconnected, intelligent voice interaction (support Cantonese recognition), pre-installed with iQiyi video, QQ Music, Chanba APP and other third-party video and audio entertainment software.And real-time navigation, online booking movies, restaurants and a host of other needs can be easily handled.In terms of intelligent driving assistance, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen BIG V has 13 leading intelligent driving functions including Qichen V-Pilot intelligent driving assistance system, 540° stereo vision image, making driving more convenient and easier.Excellent handling and great driving!The new car adopts The Power of Qichen V-Power alliance to achieve an efficient balance between fuel economy and Power.1.5T efficient engine, power 140kW, 190Ps horsepower, torque performance 260N•m, the official 100km acceleration result is 8.8s, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 100km fuel consumption is only 6.6L, with it, not only walk with wind, but also pull wind, more cool experience faster step.Thanks to the trust and choice of users, Qichen BIG V can achieve such excellent results.Dongfeng Nissan Qichen will do a good job in the supply of vehicles at the same time, constantly improve and optimize the quality of service, so that users can enjoy pre-sale, sale, after-sales integrated service, effectively protect the interests of users.With the continuous hot selling of Qichen BIG V, I believe that in the future, Qichen big V will continue to expand their own consumer market and improve the market share, to win sales and reputation.