The national Sports Meet is coming!People play the leading role, sports stars play with you

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Sanxiang metropolis daily · Huasheng online January 24 – (all media reporter Ye Zhu) hunan belongs to the grassroots sports meeting!Today, the reporter learned from the organizing committee of the second “healthy Hunan” National Games that the games will be divided into three stages: audition, trial and final, which will be carried out in 14 cities and states in the province from January to July.Three categories of 18 individual games, and sports stars to play with you the national games is the province’s largest scale, the highest specifications of comprehensive mass sports games.The games are sponsored by the People’s Government of Hunan Province and undertaken by the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Sports.The project is dominated by mass sports events, highlighting the mass, universality and scientific nature of the projects, taking meeting the growing diversified sports needs of the people as the starting point and foothold of sports development, enhancing the people’s physique and improving the quality of life as the goal. It is a grassroots sports event in which the people play the leading role.Among them, the event set up fitness, intelligence, ball games, such as three categories, including square dance (line dancing, la la fuck), tai chi, health run, physical training standards test, broadcast gymnastics, rope skipping, roller skating, tug-of-war, go, chess, aviation navigation model, table tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, soft power ball and so on 18 monomial.Featured activities include “Always follow the Party” sports painting and calligraphy, photography and other activities, “Healthy Hunan” National Games Tiktok City Challenge, and hunan sports stars and sports Internet celebrities are invited to help.”Four linkage” intelligence sharing, sporting positive energy as an important engine acceleration of culture and sports industry development, the national games by actively implement the provinces, municipalities (state), county (city, area), the township (town, street) “four linkage”, mobilize, organize people especially the people at the grass-roots level at the level of participation.Xiong Ni, party secretary of the provincial sports bureau, introduced that the games in January – March to complete the project audition, April – May to complete the project audition, June – July to complete the final and held the closing ceremony of the national Games.In addition to awards set up for individual events at all levels, there are also awards such as best competition organization Award, Sportsmanship Award, etc., for the comprehensive evaluation of each organization unit of audition, audition and final.The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the event that the intelligent sharing of the national Games will make good use of big data technology, set up a PC terminal, mobile terminal in one of the event services and management system, online information release, event registration, results query, project statistics and other functions, standardize the event management, improve the quality of the event.Organize douyin Urban Challenge to guide people to participate in, discuss and share the National Games, dig out sports stories and typical characters around people, and deliver more positive energy of sports in the way of “sports + short videos”.In addition, the event will integrate multiple resources to participate in the preparations for the National Games, realizing the organizing of the games by industry associations, enterprises, social organizations, media, venues (clubs), etc., exploring a flexible mode of organizing the games and lowering the threshold of competition.By deeply digging the core of hunan’s local culture, integrating traditional culture, regional culture, folk culture and other activity elements, actively implementing the “sports +” strategy, promoting the deep integration and cross-boundary innovation of sports, tourism, health and other fields, driving the transformation and upgrading of cultural and sports industry and improving its quality and efficiency.