“The origin of a Journey to the West” : love is unknown, a deep

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Because of the origin, so persistent – “A Chinese Odyssey origin” Liu Li/text occasionally found on the network “a Chinese Odyssey” again out of the new film, also because there is propaganda “Duncle’s last film”, so holding a look in the attitude to browse, finally had not been cheated feeling.At least not too lost level, compared to bad film master Wang Jing, this film is really a lot of heart.Fundamentally, none of us knows, “a Chinese Odyssey” or other all of the film, as long as the remake, will cause a lot of discomfort, the audience will not consciously to compare the content of the present with the past classic, to present the content of the judge, these mostly negative evaluation together, almost all of the films were not flee be scold of law.”The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey” will no doubt do the same.As a classic work that belongs to several times ago, it is difficult to highlight the encirclement.Now, however, some people do, and dare to go against the world in front of an audience that has become very critical.This is the courage of young people, but also the confidence to face new and new audiences.Uncle Darius is gone, but the charm lives on.Throughout the seventy minutes of film, in its essence, to the little content, occupied by the tertiary more makeup of high technology has also been difficult to conceal the body on the clumsy, but as a “forever the best supporting role” headmaster is absolutely can do your best and he continue to try to continue the legend of the same and Stephen chow.Duncle’s father is gentle and kind, scolding with loving glory, and his father-son bond with Sovereign Treasure is still touching.In the movie, Sovereign Treasure is transformed into a young man who sells noodles. His biggest dream is to speak out like the gods, so he draws a picture of the eight immortals crossing the sea. He daydreams that he, too, can meet the gods.Uncle Darius, the father, only wanted to marry him or his son and let the single life pass.So in miss Niu home grab hydrangea to marry, Uncle immediately with the supreme treasure to go, seeing the supreme treasure is about to win the hydrangea when the son, mistook is his own lamp lighterer zixia fairy sword will be cut to smash hydrangea.So the supreme treasure and Zixia immediately became a fugitive yuanyang, he did not forget to meet for their own immortal on the road.He used two copper plates to obtain a destiny for himself and Zixia, thus forming a story about the origin of “three lives three times”.Purple Xia in order to find the person that light a lamp, the purpose also just hopes oneself do not do that burn out the soul of the lamp wick, however all the way along, she discovers however supreme honour treasure is not the person that she wants to look for actually.She breaks into day machine cabinet, encounter su Mo celestial teacher trace and disturb, but she is taking intense obsession, always hope to be able to turn supreme honour treasure into what she thinks qi Tian da Sheng, namely oneself light person.A game about the fate of the moon box through the afterlife and the past life is finally repeated back and forth.Until su Mo fairy division attempt to use moonlight treasure box gather together seven color stone strength, and try to become Sun Wukong when, already from the avalokitesvara bodhisattva over the insight of the supreme treasure this ability finally wear gold hoop, obtain six god outfit, a few golden hoop hit su Mo fairy division ashes.In fact, the most worrying thing is that under the manipulation of Sumo fairy master, Supreme Treasure has completely lost magic power, but still bravely and magically raised the golden staff, completed the final blow to Sumo fairy master.At this point, Zhi Zunbao finally lost his vitality, he tried his strength and finally failed to escape the fate of the choice, he could not pull out the sword of Zixia, which means that he could not become the lamplighter of Zixia.If, “a Chinese Odyssey” wed, another sovereign treasure know purple xia love but never seriously, wait until to lose to find has been irreparable regret, you told us in the origin, and all people have the right to love and qualification, love regardless of right or wrong in the morning and evening, the end point to is the fate of love.Love does not know where, a deep.Even if we end up with nothing, that’s ok, at least we fought for it.Purple xia fairy and green xia fairy eventually put down the original evil fate, they no longer pursue who can forever, green xia finally chose to sacrifice their own back to the Buddha.Because she uses treasure box of moonlight to try to put supreme honour treasure to return to original life only from Purple Xia, supreme honour treasure obtains joy at the same time, Purple Xia also obtained extrication, she no longer holds to read at using treasure box of moonlight to seek future finally, all sacrifice became the joy that big dream feels at the beginning it seems that finally.Fundamentally speaking, The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey is not funny, and she never tries to surpass the classics. She just wants to make some improvements on the basis of the classics, with a little philosophical thinking, to make love more pure and more flavorful.Therefore, as a new generation of audience, they can recognize and pursue the beautiful and holy love in their hearts from the bottom of their hearts.Just because writers are serious, he hopes to be able to bring the audience a new thinking of at the same time, more to retain the original classic flavor, a classic couldn’t be a classic love song, a beautiful and romantic love stories, light rhythm and never sloppily clips, these certainly can become the pluses of the movie.Comparatively speaking, Wang Jing’s “New Heaven And Dragon Slaying” is not so lucky. There is no orderly fighting design, the woman’s face that cannot be appreciated at all, the acting that is not in rhythm, and the plot of magic changes, which directly destroys the classic that they have created.Thus, we lament, the result of teasing the audience can only be disastrous.Douban score less than four points is the best example.On the contrary, the fact that it received more than 10 million views a day and received unanimous praise also proves that IP films still have a promising future. The key is to really put your heart into it.A Tale of the Origin of a Journey to the West makes us feel that the adaptation of the classic can also come out of the trough, to the next level.Look forward to more and more wonderful interpretation.From: recommended, original works, no reprinting at will.