Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY edition listed street Fighter is it

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On April 8, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY was officially launched. There are four models of the new car, with a price range of 55,800 to 69,800 yuan.Compared with the ordinary model, GAMEBOY version has a more personalized modeling and richer configuration, the size of the wheelbase has also increased to 2010mm, and in the range of 200/300km two options, vehicle performance improved significantly.MINIEV GAMEBOY is a new model launched by Wuling Hongguang MINIEV. It is equipped with LING LAB DIY, “the first original personalized customization service platform in China”, which supports online creative customization. Users can customize their cars through this platform.According to the official GAMEBOY edition, there are also four models to choose from on the outside:Hurricane phantom of the opera, jungle traversing, interstellar roaming and party sweetheart, every movement on fuel respectively cool game, military competitive game, the original cyberpunk science and simulation games for inspiration, look for the four different models, in addition to the body color, on the detail components have different design, the theme of all match for their appearance.The MINIEV GAMEBOY version is larger than the regular model. The body size alone has been increased to 3061mm×1520mm×1665mm, and the wheelbase is 2010mm.Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY’s color application is also more bold and advanced, adding a large number of GAMEBOY elements, including stickers and flower drawing.The smooth sculptural surface of the new car is outlined with a penetrating grille and a light floating roof on the front, and the unique identity of GB is inlaid on the side.The whole car reserves a number of chao Chuang ports, triggering N kinds of DIY play, with users and players to explore the infinite possibilities of chao Chuang.The car adopts a four-seat layout, with four-way adjustable main and passenger seats as standard. The fabric of the coffee seat is made of leather + fabric, which is comfortable and soft, making the driving more comfortable for users.At the same time, the car also provides intimate reading lights, main and deputy driving visor, heating and cooling air conditioning, so that players daily out of the street tide play more convenient;Also set up milk tea, keys and other items exclusive storage space.The inner rearview mirror also has an dashcam interface for maximum convenience of expanded functionality.The power system of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY has also been improved, and the motor performance has been significantly improved. The maximum power is 30KW, and the maximum torque is 110N·m. The CLTC pure electric range is 200km and 300km respectively, and the corresponding battery capacity is 17.3kwh and 26.5kWh.Can choose lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery.Users can charge from 220V/16A AC charging pile or directly from the 220V/10A three-plug power supply of ordinary home grounding cable.The official said the ac pile will shorten the charging time to 5.5 hours /8.5 hours, with a range of 200 km and 300 km.