Of course, you have to live your own wonderful life

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Xiaobian this is recommended for small partners: “quick wear of cannon fodder open hanging life” rebirth of course to live their wonderful life first book: “fast wear 101 times: male god, handsome fried days!”Author: Idle love money introduction: today originally want to take a piece of keyboard pillow to sleep, but by a bad small paw to pull into the system.Used to play strategy games, you can click on options.But now, she can only follow the story of the small book.Once broken, can not save in real time, directly start again!Wonderful content: the system can not stand the current infatuation, cool cool remind 1: “what person set?”Today in the heart to ask.The system sighs helplessly.Logically speaking, this little sister should not be from the village, how to return…The next second, today toward just aim to see cold si Yi’s prosperous times side yan, the system directly hit to her a script: what?What the hell?At present very want to throw the script to quit, call her to meet with the male master is also it, now face did not see let her leave?The system is like, “I don’t want to explain it to you.”Today in order not to return to the opening of the fall horse situation, do decisively.She put down the goblet and turned back to Tong – er hsu.Who knows, the ear side side first heard a few women around that discussion, “you see no, that man is very handsome!At present the corners of the mouth took out, as expected, no matter which era, anthomania are the same.The system secretly lip, it is too lazy to ridicule their own little sister.(click below free reading) the second: “my home system total pit me” author: Nine little flower introduction: pit!Fell into the game for no apparent reason, and encountered a system that had its own pit girl aura.I said…System can you have some integrity?It’s just a mission, but why does the timing of every teleport have to be so coincidental that she wants to kill someone?!Wonderful content: she will certainly be regarded as a set of people before a set of people after a set, I am afraid is not quick body first death ah!Looking at her capricious face, Yan Chengpei’s eyes suddenly turned dark.She so shameless married him, she said all lies?Little did he realize that his mind was no longer on the question of marriage, but on the question of childbearing!In the old days, he would have sneered and not asked her as he did now.”I see.”His low cold voice spread, such as Gu Yan Xi again raised his head, Yan Chengpei has turned toward the door walked.What does he know?Gu Yan Xi was speechless.No, he thought she was saying she didn’t want to have children!No, no!Crazy crazy, how inexplicable pull to give birth to the baby up!What did he know, what had she to do with it, it was incomprehensible!(click below free reading) the third: “quick wear of the cannon fodder of open hang life” author: honey language heart speech (” quick wear of the cannon fodder of open hang life “rebirth of course should live his wonderful life) introduce: who said rebirth is about to hit face abuse slag round enemy and man turn!Revenge that’s just by the way!Slapping the face is not the main battlefield of life!Man what the hell is that?!Can you eat!A rebirth of course to live out their wonderful life, otherwise it is not a waste of this rebirth opportunity!Endless world, a thousand faces of life!Female main in the endless rebirth, live a bright colorful life!Wear cannon fodder female match, not hold up big guy not demon, but male master phase carried home pet.Wonderful content: Old Chen this matter has been suspected of murder, according to the law can be reported to the official directly!But people are more afraid of the government, so the village inside the lawsuit is small private, big event please chief and clan old people to decide, unless really provoke someone’s life to get the government moved to ask, otherwise never by the official.The village head is the head of the Qin family, this matter naturally returned to him to deal with, the village head is also distressed Qin shuangshuang, decided this time must be good to teach old Chen a meal, must frighten her, let her dare not go to consultation Bai and Qin shuangshuang.The head of the village directly announced that he would invite the old clan to open the ancestral hall, and the grandmother would consult with the granddaughter to kill the granddaughter’s case, which he would decide in front of the ancestors of the Qin clan!The village head this decision, Qin don only feel a whirl, head only a thought, this matter is to make big!(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. 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