The lakers snapped a losing streak and struggled to play against the league’s worst defensive team, but Davis played

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On February 3, Beijing time, the NBA regular season heat, the Lakers 99-94 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, this game lebron James continued to carry on the third phase of training, led by Davis and Westbrook, Davis’s performance was remarkable, very good, on the other hand, Westbrook looked a little sluggish, but also good.The lakers snapped a three-game losing streak.The lakers played well in the first half, leading by 12 points, but their offense fell into a slump late in the game. They were seized by the Blazers and scored 24 points, while the lakers scored one point.Davis was able to take it upon himself in the clutch, making a series of reactions, especially a couple of rebounds in the clutch that helped the lakers seal the win.He made 10 of 18 shots in 36 minutes and had 30 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 blocks. Since Davis returned, he has been in a very good state, has maintained a steady output, still can prove that he is the cornerstone of the future of the Lakers, is the league’s top inside.Anthony of the game, however, it is inconceivable, or the sweet melon, as a substitute of his contribution for the team out of the 24 points and Anthony come up in the face of two double can still maintained a hit, especially in the lakers’ offense the ball was cut in the process of transformation, Anthony got the ball, and then there were three seconds, a 3-pointer, firmly shooting postureHis efficiency is very high in the first half, six of seven shots, explained the attack of the kaleidoscope when young, he played 32 minutes, shot 12 of 8, three points 6, 5, scored 24 points and eight rebounds, 2 assists 2 blocks of data, the highest positive and negative value the team, have to say that Anthony, still had such performances as a young age, as a veteran of him,On the pitch, the young people have to give up.Vogel is always in the game begin to understand, to make Mr Teacher, although played 11 minutes, teacher’s performance is very excellent, but huo box and can give to the team help defender, he shot 4 of 6, scored 10 points and 7 rebounds 1 block of data, however, vogel persisted in his five small lineup, did not want to give more time to master huo,This is a pity, master Huo can play a certain amount of time, it is also good, unlike Jordan on the bench, it is good for master Huo.Although the lakers to win the game, but will always be the lakers’ defensive, want to know the blazers defense also is at the bottom, this trail blazers only get 94 points, however, have to say, in three points outside the blazers 42 points, to 42 times, such data is quite frightening, and the paint also let opponents get 40 points,It’s enough to show how the lakers’ defense on the outside and inside is porous, but Davis was able to keep paying efficiently at critical moments, otherwise, this game would have been broken by the Portland Trail Blazers.After the lakers that without James, offensive efficiency is not high, the team only had 99 points, we all know that the blazers defensive efficiency also bottom team in the league, the lakers get a few points, it is conceivable that such offensive strategy how bad it is, it is no tactics, if Anthony and Davis, the lakers lost get basic point,As long as opponents put a little bit of defense on the Lakers, the Lakers will basically fall into an offensive slump, and they will play mostly alone. It is really difficult to run off the ball, and everyone wants to watch their performance, which is a major defect of the Lakers.Either way, the lakers were able to snap their losing streak.Vogel started his career defensively and now has no way to build it up. He has to work on the offensive end.