Age of heroes!Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, told a friend: “I feel old

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Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the Premier League following his return to Manchester United this season and has scored 14 goals and three assists in 25 games so far this season.Although efficiency is not what it used to be, but is still a considerable number, this is enough to justify, 37, cristiano ronaldo, still maintained a good competitive state, but considering the influence of cristiano ronaldo and physical ability, his movements on the pitch will directly affect the team’s performance, so only goals and assists is obviously not enough.Recently, cristiano ronaldo has also had a goal drought, for most of the players, 5 games in a row without goal is very normal, but for cristiano ronaldo, is absolutely not normal, you know, cristiano ronaldo in the last five games goal drought, in 2010, is now 12 years later again this situation will obviously more difficult than at the time!So, how should Rangnick get the best out of Ronaldo on the pitch?Ronaldo, who has just celebrated his 37th birthday, said he felt old for the first time in his career, according to the Sun.Visible, strong players like cristiano ronaldo, also enemy but time, even if cristiano ronaldo has a high strength training, high-level is extremely strict diet and lifestyle habits, there is no guarantee that they can always keep a top form, especially such a high pace in the premiership against league, cristiano ronaldo, 37, more need to face the cruel test and challenge!Of course, the fact that he is still playing in the Premier League at the age of 37 is already a remarkable achievement, but ronaldo needs to consider that he can establish himself this year. What about next year, when he is 38?And the year after that at 39?If Ronaldo wants to continue to play in the big five leagues until retirement, then leaving the English Premier League, perhaps a more appropriate choice.Cristiano Ronaldo is beginning to feel old, and Lionel Messi, who turns 35 in four months ‘time, will at some point say the same.We, as football fans, are also filled with emotion. To be born in the era of Melo and enjoy all kinds of wonderful memories brought by their peak, I have to say, this is the happiest football fans!