Help your child deal with physical incoordination

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There are many people who say that their body coordination is not particularly good, they feel that they have no sense of dance, simply speaking, their limbs are not coordinated, but you know what?Street dance improves your coordination when you have been exposed to it for a while, and today’s Star City street dance will help you solve this puzzle.Dancing is not only to improve the mood, but also to exercise the body. In the case of hip-hop dance, which is popular among people, it can make the body more coordinated.With this kind of dance, people are naturally more interested in it. In many cases, they can dance this kind of dance to express their feelings.People who do not exercise often actually have rigid bodies, which can also be said to be lack of flexibility. For people, this situation is also very bad, so it is necessary to let people exercise their bodies to make their bodies more flexible.Hip-hop dance is a very casual dance in the street dance, the explosive power of this dance is relatively good, and this dance is also very infectious, for people to participate in this dance.Hip-hop is still dominated by teenagers.Chinese teenagers were introduced to hip-hop in the 1980s in the American movie Break Dancing, which became the precursor of Breaking.With the deepening of Chinese teenagers’ understanding of street dance, they gradually return to the origin of street dance and practice street dance with Chinese teenagers’ own vision and characteristics.Since the mid-1990s, hip-hop has been picked up by teenagers across the country.At present, the streets and squares in various cities can be seen from the hip-hop school out of the youth figure.Due to the characteristics of street dance such as “close to the people”, universality and easy to learn, teenagers are full of high enthusiasm for street dance, and with this enthusiasm, it has triggered a large number of applications of street dance from culture and art to commercial advertising.And modern dance, as a kind of visual art, a kind of plastic arts, a kind of aesthetic art, but stress free flowing stretch, not stick to one pattern, it claims outstanding personality and unique creativity and expression form, street dance refers to the young man in the street dance form of entertaining, popular in Europe and the United States since the beginning of the 20th century entertaining dance, take many forms.Such as disco, break dance, rock and roll and so on.