Is school open there?

2022-06-21 0 By

The school had notified the beginning of the seventh day in advance, that is, today, but last night the head teacher made an emergency notice to the class group, saying that the epidemic was not over yet. After studying, the school decided to postpone the return to school, and the eighth day officially began online classes.Relaxed and liberated heart was pulled back, looking at the car ready bedding and school supplies, helpless to the husband said, or first move down.Dabao thought THAT I had not seen the group message, so he heard me talking outside in his bedroom, so he called out to me and told me not to go to school, but to take lessons online. His voice sounded excited and excited, which was in sharp contrast to my mood.And delayed the opening of the school, which is estimated to be a serious epidemic, as long as the wind moves, will affect the waves.Net class again, I am afraid that the results of the students pull waste, there is a learning atmosphere in the school, and the teacher’s small whip whip, but at home, the original consciousness are very poor, no teacher supervision, more flying self.Sometimes I can’t even supervise, the phone is in my hand, unless I keep my eyes on it, otherwise, when I turn to look at him, he changes the screen of the phone every minute.Accompany reading, the effect is not good, at least in a short period of time, wait for a long time, but also missed the attention of the online course training time.But only parents can understand.The only way is to awaken the inner drive of the child, without the supervision of parents and teachers, and still be able to manage their own time and plan their daily activities.Just be good parents. Spend the time they deserve and the money they should spend on them. No matter what happens in their lives, they have to take care of themselves.As the cause is sown, so shall the fruit be.Don’t blame me for the future, nothing else.Is school open there?