Jinyuan Community, Guanshanhu District: Remembering revolutionary martyrs and inheriting revolutionary spirit

2022-06-21 0 By

On April 1, guanshanhu District Jinyuan community general Branch party representatives and jinyang street veterans home party branch party representatives to shuangyong square to carry out bouquet laying activities.During the activity, all party members came to the square in front of the theme of “Bloody struggle” group carving, pay their respects to the solemn revolutionary martyrs, to offer flowers and silent tribute to them.Afterwards, all party members solemnly swear before the party flag in front of the sculpture to review the oath of party membership.In addition, at the scene, all party members also carried out forest fire prevention, civilized sacrifice publicity activities, advocate everyone change customs, with the network memorial, flowers memorial, cleaning tombstones and other low-carbon, environmental protection way to remember ancestors, civilized sacrifice.According to statistics, the activity issued tomb-sweeping Day initiative more than 60 copies.Author: Ding Weixin Correspondent: An Chunyan Editor: Yang Yanying