New landmark of agricultural brigade!This special town is worth visiting

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A few days ago, the reporter drove to hanchuan city nanhe township old new village under the chestnut hill is 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon saw the winter forest in the “chestnut hill town” colorful patchwork, let a person shine at the sight of the 56-year-old boss Peng Yunxiu is busy in the kitchen in the farm, stove stove fire burning is flourishing in the crook “purr” sound.”It’s cold and windy. Drink some tea to warm you up.”Peng Yunxiu said, making tea.Blue jacket, short hair, capable, sincere smile, light in her eyes, is the first impression she left reporters.Lao Xincun is Peng Yunxiu’s family home.After decades away from the village, little seems to have changed.Peng Yunxiu and her husband Zhang Guoping do business in hanchuan city, small achievements, change the face of her hometown is her long-cherished wish for many years.In the bosom of this love, what she remembers most is the glorious revolutionary history of the old New village.”Of the more than 3,000 revolutionary martyrs in Nanhe township, there are 527 in Laoxin Village.My grandfather was a martyr, my grandfather and four brothers were martyrs.Both of my parents lost their father when they were only one or two years old. It’s not easy.”Said, Peng Yunxiu red eyes.In recent years, leisure tourism in the suburbs and mountainous areas has been favored by Peng Yunxiu. She took the opportunity to go to Beijing, Hebei, Zhejiang, Henan and other places to learn from the experience for a year. In November 2017, she officially started the construction of Li Shan Town.This was Peng yunxiu’s original intention.The husband didn’t understand at first, but eventually he supported it.By transferring land, planting fruit trees in the mountains and breeding trees under the forest, the couple plunged into the mountains and slept rough.”The hardest part is the first two years.”Peng Yunxiu still remembered that when she first returned to the village, she had no house to live in, and every day she came by the dawn and went by the starlight.Later, I needed to watch the newly planted fruit seedlings at night, and bought an old house idle by villagers to rest, but it was accompanied by mosquitoes and flies.”People don’t understand why they have to go through this at this age, even my son.But there is no turning back. We will continue no matter how difficult it is.”The project is expensive and slow to pay off. Peng yunxiu feels that what keeps her going is her original ambition — to create a place that people will remember.With perseverance, the project of Chestnut Mountain Town finally got on the right track in 2018. The town adopted the mode of plate development, rapid advancement and opening up while building on the edge.Now, the first phase of “Shiyi Restaurant” “Enchanted Forest” has created a fashionable, beautiful and enjoyable dining and parent-child play theme project.Jungle magic net, goat village, swaying seesaw, pig race, bouncing cloud…Has not been widely promoted to attract many families to come to play.The sleepy old new village has gradually taken on the air of fireworks, full of new vitality.What pleased Peng most was that her daughter-in-law was able to take over, and her dream had a successor.”According to our plan,” kuriyama town project will cover art village, theme restaurants, forest recreation, the number of rural habitat, wild camping luxury, boutique home stay facility, open-air hot spring, hanland customs, education and research study practice, red fruit and vegetable picking, etc., to create a ‘adaptation condition, buildings wheatgrass, leisure, to raise Lin, “kuriyama’ country revitalization, and common prosperity of farmers brigade combine demonstration projects.”Peng Yunxiu described her town blueprint to reporters, she believes that such a beautiful place, will be remembered by people.Source: Xiaogan Daily Jiang Runtao Hou Lingli Liu Yong production: Jiao Zhixin production: Xiaogan daily