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At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the development and Reform Bureau of She Autonomous County, Biaoxi Township and natural resources administrative law enforcement team of three units and towns in Jingning, Zhejiang Province, were rated as the first batch of “lying flat” in the county due to poor work promotion, or due to lack of responsibility, inaction and shirking, causing public concern.Many local party and government leaders in the New Year “first meeting” to some cadres of the style of work, asked to raise the bar, strive for progress, resolutely not allowed to lie down, resolutely not to do “peace officer”, won a good cheer.What is a peace officer?To meet the status quo, avoid contradictions dare not be responsible for everything by “experience”, according to the “routine” card, not meritorious, but for no fault, safe and secure seat, busy pretending, tired and shuffling around.If some sense of responsibility is not strong, think more than less, do not grasp the implementation of the work, only when the “setter”;Some lack a sense of crisis, content with the status quo, single-mindedly for a smooth transition;Some lack of fighting spirit, when encountering difficulties, they will “back out” and are good at “beating the drum to spread flowers”. Problems come from where they go, as long as they do not drag and fry in their own hands…For the development of a place, the local party members and cadres need to maintain so much energy that they are not satisfied, do not give in, do not slack off, consciously raise the benchmark, dare to advanced than high, dare to go against their own, lying flat is absolutely not.But in reality, “peace officer” is quite a market, why?A self-cultivation is not enough, ideological awareness is not high, personal interests first, he is not thinking about how to solve the problem, promote the development of, but used to play tally, tip, thinking about how to insurance, how to do the best for yourself only, to have a risk, to bear, don’t want to do, also don’t want to do, the more afraid to do.Second, believe in the “dishwashing effect”, do more mistakes, even “benefits a lot”.As a result, occupying a position, dawdling and acting like it may seem harmless, but in fact it has a very bad effect.So, “peace officer” really peace?The sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection called for resolutely investigating and dealing with evasion, dereliction of duty and inaction.As a matter of fact, there are clear provisions in party regulations and state laws on how to hold party members, officials and public officials accountable for their failure to perform their duties, or for failing to perform their duties.In the main keynote of strict, “peace officers” if they still do peace and peace of the spring and Autumn dream, will be hit head broken and bleeding!”It is the duty and value of a cadre to be responsible for doing things.”Every position is a burden;Every position is a responsibility.They want to be an official rather than an official; they want to assume power rather than assume responsibility; they want to make a difference rather than contribute to their efforts. In the final analysis, this means that they lack a sense of responsibility and are incompatible with the nature and purpose of the Party, its original mission, and its political requirements.”Will not be easy to become, things do not asylum seekers into”.To rectify the “taiping official”, we should take appropriate measures to the case.Party members and officials should conscientiously fulfill their original mission, improve their Party spirit, get rid of the psychology of being cautious and fearful of difficulties, constantly enhance their talent and skills, have the courage to shoulder responsibilities, be responsible, and fulfill their duties, and focus their energy on performing their duties and doing their own business.At the same time, accurate and effective use of accountability sharp tools, so that the “peace officer” nowhere to hide, perfect error tolerance error correction mechanism, as the secretary of the cadres to support, promote the party cadres to truly take responsibility to carry solid, bear, work, accomplish, and strive to create worthy of the party and the people’s performance.Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News Overall planning: Li Jiangtao Review: Zhang Yanyan Editor: Zhang Jing