Tablet/mobile phone into a computer in seconds, sunflower intelligent remote control mouse anytime and anywhere open light office

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In order to make travel light, I have been scratching my head. I have changed from game book, office book and light book one by one, and finally got a 2-in-1 tablet, weighing 600g, thin to 10.5mm, 11-inch 2K screen, Intel ® 11-generation 4-core 8-thread I5 processor, 2-in-1 PC tablet design.Is this configuration ok?At this time, the problem also comes, although it is portable and easy to travel on business, but it cannot be carried out anytime and anywhere in daily life, alas!!That being said, there are ways to temporarily telecommute from your phone or tablet using sunflower Remote Control, but I’ve got a new problem.Operating on the phone’s small screen is inconvenient, the experience sucks, it’s inefficient, and it’s often touched by mistake.Sunflower seems to have found this problem, for the “remote control” launched a new equipment, that is sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse, this mouse with the previous mouse what is different?Hit the nail on the head: in the mobile phone, tablet can like the local end to remote control of the computer, that is to say, through this mouse, you can achieve in the “remote environment” to reach the left button, right button, wheel, drag track and other operations.To be honest, this “rat” really goes to the head.Is a common bluetooth mouse, is also a remote control intelligent mouse can be described as a “mouse” two use, today to give you friends amway!First of all, sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse is very small and portable, as thin as 29mm, light to 0.44g, travel easier to carry, using Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, support 1000DPI, 1200DPI, 1600DPI three-stage DPI adjustment.Appearance level in the norm, practical on the line!By the way, if I am on a business trip, I use it on a 2-in-1 tablet. “Thin and light” is superior to “small”. At this moment, sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse plays the role of ordinary Bluetooth mouse, but this is not its biggest highlight.Sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse for work, work and go out:Well, if not on a business trip, I’d take it out at ordinary times, easily into the pockets, put the car ~ the words I work often need to deal with some documents and form data, temporary office that belongs to the light, that is to be on call, so I will often use sunflower remote control to control the office computer software, such as mentioned above, the past is very trouble,Touch, after all, is imprecise, and with this mouse, that problem goes away.Remote control intelligent mouse debut!!Mobile devices can also be used locally. Take my iPhone as an example. You can also use it on your iPad, Android phone or tablet.It is also very simple to use. Before using it, we need to conduct simple pairing, just like we normally connect bluetooth headset. Turn on bluetooth of mobile phone to pair the device.Then open sunflower Remote control APP- my – Sunflower Bluetooth mouse – Automatic connection open (you can see that my device is connected) and then enter the APP to select desktop control (the computer we need to control) – edit desktop – select pointer mode, and then complete the deployment, isn’t it very simple?Then you can enjoy the pleasure of remote control, just like the scene in the operation of the mouse, the operation is more convenient, there will be no mistouch, misoperation and other embarrassing, light office more fragrant.Under the network environment, the measured sunflower bluetooth mouse ultra low delay, can really like local remote control operation, left, right, perfect realization roller operations, such as no longer on a touch screen points ah ~ this is the magic of the mouse, to go out with a cellular phone/tablet, sunflower intelligent remote control bluetooth mouse is enough to cope with light office.As already mentioned, I often need to deal with some Excel spreadsheets at any time, personal office, is to belong to the kind of operation can be completed with the mouse, the sunflower intelligent remote control bluetooth brings the very big help the right mouse button, and roller efficiency too many, in touch need to about 15 minutes before, now only 1 minute with the mouse.Another is some Word, PPT documents, through sunflower intelligent remote control bluetooth mouse can also be simple processing, as long as the mouse can complete the work, then in Ta is exactly the same, remote control and the scene is not big gap.Personally, I am very interested in the “porridge” this kind of buy one get one free design, can be ordinary mouse, can also be remote control mouse.I have tried the traditional Bluetooth mouse before, although it can be connected, but it can not achieve the right click, scroll wheel, and will appear various bugs drag.Sunflower intelligent Remote Control Bluetooth mouse, even iOS devices can also click the right button when remote control, this feature is other brands bluetooth mouse can not do.Write in the end above is sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse hands-on experience, if for mobile light office needs friends, then sunflower this mouse will let you get twice the result with half the effort.Take me personally, want to be able to work lightly at any time, sunflower intelligent remote control Bluetooth mouse is absolutely the best choice, believe me, you will also like this mouse, the price is not expensive, at this time not to start when?