The man was checked for drunk driving twice on the same road section.

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At about 19:11 on February 2, 2022, Qingxi Brigade of Dongguan Traffic Police carried out special rectification action for drunk driving in Humei Hospital, Luhu West Road, Qingxi Town.In the action, the police on duty in the inspection of a small ordinary bus, smell the car driver covered with alcohol, immediately on the driver breath test.After testing, the car driver Liu breath test results of 42mg/100ml, is drunk driving.When the police on duty asked Liu to show the relevant documents, Liu has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the investigation.In this regard, the police on duty to Liu for traffic safety education, warned Liu drunk driving danger.After the police’s preaching, Liu realized the harm of drunk driving, handed over their documents, with the police to accept the investigation.It is understood that Liu mou drank a small glass of wine in a restaurant near huamei hospital, thinking that the journey home is very short, will not encounter traffic police investigation, holding the psychological luck to drive on the road.Liu had been in March 27, 2021 at 0:56 in luhu West road Huamei hospital road section was investigated drunk driving, this is a second drunk driving.In front of the evidence, Liu confessed to his traffic violations.At present, the case in the further processing of dongguan traffic police remind: a drunk driving, lifetime record, “second drunk driving” no time interval standard, please keep in mind that driving do not drink, drink do not drive, safe driving, civilized travel.