What “black technology” does winter Olympic dress have?Nanjing primary school students talk to designers to explore the mystery

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At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, hundreds of primary school students dressed up as doves of peace to wow audiences, and children dressed in costumes with traditional Chinese elements also made a hit.These winter Olympics clothes not only look good, there are a lot of “black technology”!Recently, the members of the red scarf team of the New Town Primary School attached to the South Normal School came to sumida International Building to talk with the fashion designer, listen to the story behind the development and design, and feel the charm of the Winter Olympics.Dialogue designers explore the birth of “Dove” clothing how was the birth of the “Dove” clothing that has become popular all over the Internet?Entering the exhibition hall, the young pioneers of Xincheng Primary School were immediately attracted by pieces of “dove of Peace” clothing.On the white clothes, the exquisite “fu” and paper-cut patterns all reflect the strong Chinese style.”The design of this suit is inspired by our traditional Chinese New Year culture — paper-cutting.”Hu Yanyan, designer of jiangsu Sumeida Light Textile International Trade Co., LTD., introduced to the children that the patterns of the clothes contained images such as peace doves and happiness, which were required to be distributed in the middle of the rectangular pattern, echoing the traditional Chinese custom of pasting paper-cut Windows during the Spring Festival to ring out the old and usher in the new.And the buttons of the clothes are the traditional plate buckle technology, plate buckle sewing is completed by hand.In addition, they check and adjust the printing pieces of each garment, and calibrate and check the patterns during sewing, so as to achieve the perfect embodiment of the whole pattern.When the pants are cut, the designer insists on manual typesetting, so that each piece is accurately typesetting, which makes the bright Chinese red gradient printing more beautiful and harmonious.”There is so much ingenuity in every piece of clothing design.”Duan Xinmiao, from No. 3 (5) Squadron of Xincheng Primary School, sighed, “The color of clothing should be eye-catching, the pattern should highlight the Chinese style, and the material should be rainproof and windproof…After this visit, I found that even a small piece of clothing embodies the wisdom of countless people.””Let’s touch the clothes. The small particles inside can heat up by themselves.”Hu yyan introduced that the clothing made for the Beijing Winter Olympics director team also uses high-tech graphene lining, which is more effective in keeping warm and keeping out the cold. Meanwhile, the clothing is smaller in size, and the material is biodegradable, so it is more environmentally friendly.”When it comes to producing orders for the Beijing Winter Olympics, people are in a different mood, filled with a sense of responsibility and mission.”Mr. Hu introduced that from receiving the order, in just 40 days, the team completed the r&d, design and production of more than 20 styles and more than 20,000 pieces of clothing.Hu told the xincheng primary school children that she and her colleagues were very excited and proud when they saw the costumes they helped design appearing in the Winter Olympics.Choi Cheuk-yeung of Squadron 5 (12), as a representative of the Young Pioneers, interviewed the Sumida Winter Olympics costume designer.She was also impressed by the rare conversation.”The teacher introduced a variety of different clothes to us, and our Chinese technology has been recognized by foreign countries. I really thank the designers for the winter Olympic athletes to design warm and good-looking clothes. We young Pioneers also want to contribute to the great unity of the world’s people.””Through this activity, I gained a lot of new knowledge, such as the inspiration of the Olympic Costume design, the knowledge of the costume design, the design of the costume needs to meet the requirements and so on.”Wu Bunu of the fifth (8) Squadron told reporters that what impressed him most was that we had only 2-4 months to design and make winter Olympics clothing.In spite of this, the aunts and uncles worked hard day and night to finish the task ahead of schedule.”They developed not only the Chinese uniforms, but also the uniforms of France, Mexico and other countries, which is amazing!Hats off to everyone who contributed to the Winter Olympics!”It is reported that the primary school students dialogue costume designer activity is one of the young Pioneers activities organized by the New City primary school attached to the South Normal School. School brigade instructor Sun Juanjuan told reporters that the school took the opportunity to organize part of the young Pioneers to form a red scarf research team to visit the enterprise to visit the story behind the winter Olympics clothing.”We hope that through this red scarf research activity, let the team know that ‘together towards the future’ is not only a slogan, but also the coordinate of the strong and developed science and technology of the motherland.I hope every member of the team diligently learn knowledge, exercise a strong body, cultivate the spirit of labor, from the primary school pioneer, grow up to be a pioneer.”Reporter Wang Wei Yangzi Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Wang Xuerui editor: Qin Xiaoyi statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com