Why is the women’s football team called Shui Qingxia Water Mother?Who paid attention to shuiqingxia champion after the move, Jia Xiuquan embarrassed not

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It has been a long time since China won the Asian Women’s Football Cup, but because of the lack of the men’s football team, this wave of joy has not fallen, especially when the former abandoned by Jia Xiuquan Tang Jiali, Lou Jiahui and other people accepted the interview tears burst, let the heat of the women’s football team and Shui Qingxia remain high.Tang Jiali, Wang Xiaoxue, Lou Jiahui and so on a number of players interview tears attracted attention, and in the interview, when they talked about The Water Qingxia, they used the same name: water mother.SO, the question also comes, why the girls of the women’s football team all call Shui Qingxia “water mother”?Perhaps we can find the answer from these two events.The first is that Shui Qingxia has saved so many lives.For example, Tang Jiali and Lou Jiahui, who helped the women’s football team to advance to the Tokyo Olympic Games, were given up by Jia Xiuquan for a strange reason. After losing, Lou Jiahui once thought her career was over like this.Another example is Zhang Linyan, who was born in 2001 and came from the Women’s Top League. If it were not for the deep discovery by Shui Qingxia, she would not have been in the women’s football team. Just as Zhang Linyan said, some coaches did not know my existence.Another example is Wang Xiaoxue, who was dumped after the disastrous defeat in Tokyo Olympic Games. When the coach did not have enough responsibility to start dumping, Wang Xiaoxue was in an awkward situation. She was criticized so much that in this interview, she cried bitterly and said that she wished to play well and not be scolded any more.Yes, these people in the hands of Jia Xiuquan, or is not found, or is abandoned, their career has been seriously impacted, if it were not for Shuiqingxia, perhaps their career would not have been turned around, ShuiQingxia trust them, they believe Shuiqingxia, this also had the intimacy of water mother.Secondly, after jia Xiuquan appeared in the Tokyo Olympic Games, she wanted to carve the word “credit” on her head and accept an interview.On her first chartered flight home after winning the gold medal, the 56-year-old Shui offered seats to the injured Wang shuang when there were not enough first-class seats, as she knew a better environment would be conducive to the player’s recovery.After winning the championship, she still remembered the physical condition of her players. This is Shui Qingxia.Victory, never said of his merits, but hope that the media in the women’s grades slipped after can continue to support, in the heart still only team, ShuiQingXia heart only this team, only the group of girls, such a person without self, will naturally be girls like mom’s new, just see this thing, ask Gu Xiuquan embarrassed?Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete