Xindu eight-year-old small yard farmers, won the first prize in Chengdu

2022-06-21 0 By

Wu Serui, an eight-year-old code-farmer in the third grade of Xinchuan Foreign Language School in Xindu District, stood out from thousands of contestants with his passion for programming.From the primary school, the district finals, layers of entry into the final of chengdu.Finally, after the selection of programming experts from Municipal Association for Science and Technology, I won the first prize of Chengdu 2021 Youth Electronic Information Creative Programming Contest (Scratch).It is understood that the competition is sponsored by chengdu Education Bureau and the city association for Science and Technology, many students participated in the competition, at least thousands of people in the city, including paulowongshu Primary school, Chengdu Experimental primary school these famous students, are top masters.In the final, in addition to submitting their own programming works, they have to defend one by one in front of experts, just like the graduation thesis defense of graduate students.It is understood that learning programming, it is important to learn programming thinking, programming thinking gives children the courage to face problems and the ability to solve problems, no matter how complex the problem, can be decomposed into a series of easy to solve small problems.”Examine and think about small problems individually, form solutions, design steps, implement step by step, until the problem is solved.”Wu said that in this process, they can improve their attention, concentration, confidence and logical reasoning ability, and constantly solve various problems.1, please download “Xiangjian” APP2 in each major mobile phone application market, please pay attention to “this is Xindu” wechat official account source: Xindu Rong Media Reporter: Bao Ruixue, Liu Zhengchuan, Editor: Luo LAN, Review: Li Jinhuang, Yang Min, Zhang LAN