Year of the Tiger market start to show the expected effect of the main?

2022-06-21 0 By

The first trading day of the year of the Tiger in the two cities is to start with a large high, but the results are different, the Shanghai Composite Index maintained a high shock throughout the day, while the GROWTH Enterprise market has been all the way down, the intraday is out of the green market, close to the close again, with a small rise, but can not cover up its weak trend throughout the day, why?During the year of the tiger holiday policy is expected to clear plates, has good performance in the opening game of the year of the tiger, and these plates are mainly focused on the main board market, coupled with the motherboard market comprehensive registration system expected apparent, expected effects will have a good performance, in contrast, there was no clear gem relative weight plate during holiday can change signal, continue to naturally led technology.Of course, for the main board dominated by other off-market factors also need to observe the situation after three trading days, it will eventually return to the technical dominant stage.According to the two cities in time for space repair market deduced, gem to complete in advance with the main board in time for space repair, that is, from the technical gem multi – space confrontation should be more obvious.That is, the current two cities are deviating from the technical characteristics of the market, the market to wait for gem into the time leading stage to see its change characteristics.So far, the gem has changed hands by 6.78 trillion yuan, the last round was 7.03 trillion yuan, and there are still 250 billion yuan to change hands. According to the daily volume of less than 200 billion yuan, it will enter the time dominant stage after the next trading day, and the real confrontation with the GEM after the completion of the time-for-space repair will start from Wednesday.Will the change be accomplished in extreme shrinkage?The amount of 350 billion on the main board is not enough, while the GEM is lower than 160 billion, that is to say, there is enough room for contraction to complete the idling market according to the way of reduction and repair, waiting for the completion of time for space. Before this, the opportunity of gem adjustment can be arranged in the time leading stage for the new cycle.And the Shanghai Composite index is still to pull up after adjustment, remember.Welcome to pay attention to, like, comment, this column is looking forward to interacting with you!The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution, this column viewpoint only provides the reference!