“2021 Top Ten Highlights of Linyi Finance” was released

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2021 is the year to start the new journey of the “14th Five-year Plan”. The financial system of the city has created one “bright moment” by centering on the center, serving the overall situation, taking initiative and working innovatively, striving to start a new journey of high-quality development of the financial industry.Look to the past and see the future.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, the “Top ten Highlights of Linyi Finance in 2021” was issued jointly by linyi Local Financial Supervision And Administration Bureau and Linyi Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China.The added value of the financial sector reached 35.175 billion yuan, up 4.7% year on year. The added value of the financial sector accounted for 6.4% of regional GDP and 12.3% of the added value of the service sector.The city’s financial operation has maintained a good situation of stable and healthy development, providing a solid and powerful financial support for the construction of a modern and strong city in the new era.The construction of the Rural Revitalization reform Pilot zone for Inclusive Financial Services in Linyi city has been comprehensively promoted, and the Three-year Action Plan for the Rural Revitalization Reform Pilot Zone for Inclusive Financial Services in Linyi City has been issued. There are 583 township outlets and 8,278 rural relief and withdrawal points of banking institutions in Linyi city, covering all towns and administrative villages.Explore the implementation of “paperless” and “intelligent network office” for real estate mortgage registration, and take the lead in realizing full coverage of banking institutions at both city and county levels in the province;Innovation of rural collective construction land use right mortgage loans, rural collective assets equity pledge loans, carbon emission right pledge loans, orderly promote the construction of rural property rights trading center and other pilot innovation in the forefront of the province.The balance of local and foreign currency-related agricultural loans was 311.97 billion yuan, up 15.8% year on year, 6.4 percentage points higher than that of the whole province.The proportion of new agriculture-related loans was 39.1%, 12.97 percentage points higher than the province.Financial institution innovation to launch “Jin Sui river bank Mongolia hing agricultural loan” “icbc rural revitalization of the m&a loan” “borrowed” lu bear strong village and series of financial services products such as local characteristics is planted the first $200 million rural revitalization of the creditor’s rights financing plan, the province the first ErChan 500 million yuan of rural revitalization of the paper, the first single 1.5 billion yuan green bonds issued successively success, support for effective.The deposit and loan scale of the city’s financial institutions hit a new high, with the balance of local and foreign currency deposits reaching 896.03 billion yuan, an increase of 76.78 billion yuan compared with the beginning of the year and a year-on-year increase of 9.4%. The deposit balance and increment both ranked the 5th in the province.The loan balance of domestic and foreign currencies was 817 billion yuan, an increase of 116.13 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, a year-on-year increase of 16.6%, an increase of 3.1 percentage points higher than the average level of the province, and the loan balance and increment ranked the fourth in the province.The two direct monetary policy tools have achieved remarkable results in stabilizing enterprises and helping enterprises. The local legal person banks of The city take the first place in the province in the amount of deferred principal and interest payment, amount of credit loans issued and inclusive small and micro credit loans for small and micro enterprises, and the delay rate of inclusive small and micro credit loans ranks the second place in the province.Insurance guarantee capacity continued to improve, the city’s insurance institutions achieved 28.21 billion yuan of premium income and compensation expenses, 9.91 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 4.05% and 11.43% respectively, the amount ranked the third in the province, urban customized commercial medical insurance achieved “zero” breakthrough.The city’s 15 insurance companies actively explore the application of co-insurance mode in commercial medical insurance, set up universal commercial medical supplementary insurance “Linyi Insurance”, to achieve “sickness can be insured, the past disease can be reimbursed”, the city insured more than 1.5 million people, 243 compensation, 2,388,900 yuan, to provide a strong supplement for basic medical care.The actual planting area of corn and rice in The whole city was covered by the basic agricultural insurance.While realizing full insurance coverage of nearly 50,000 passenger elevators in the city, the “insurance + service” mode of elevators has been promoted with Lanshan District as the pilot. The perfect operation rate of 1255 elevators in 47 communities and units has reached 99.8%, and the number of complaints caused by elevator failures has decreased by nearly 80%.The sense of security and satisfaction of the people have greatly improved.Capital market development and upgrading, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangtze River Delta Capital market Service base, zhuhai has become the Yangtze River Delta capital market service base alliance city.The city’s listed reserve resource database covering 156 enterprises has been established, of which 25 enterprises have been selected as the provincial key listed reserve enterprise database, and Linshu County has been selected as the only pilot county of the provincial listed company incubation cluster in Our city.We issued the Opinions on the Implementation of the Five-year Action Plan on Comprehensively Promoting The Listing of Enterprises, put forward 10 hardcore measures, and provided up to 15 million yuan of financial support for the listing of enterprises.Four modular training sessions were carried out for the city’s listed reserve enterprises, and experts from Shanghai Stock Exchange, Beijing Stock Exchange and securities brokers were invited to conduct “point-to-point” door-to-door training and “tailored” training for 50 reserve enterprises.China National Foundry Tube Co., LTD. ‘s listing application materials have been formally accepted by the CSRC.36 newly listed enterprises.Direct financing hit a new high, guiding enterprises to realize diversified financing through the issuance of corporate bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds and so on, and broadening direct financing channels. The city issued 33 bonds of all kinds, realizing direct financing of 25.562 billion yuan, ranking 7th in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 23.02%.China • linyi capital trading conference series of activities successfully held the eighth, “based on the new development Build new pattern “as the theme, the success of the China, linyi eighth capital transactions, 32 were signed project, deal amount is 206.1 billion yuan, financial support to the entity economy development with fruitful results, for the city’s economic development has injected new high quality.By the end of 2021, a total of 166.94 billion yuan had been invested in the projects signed by the Conference, 81.01% of the signed amount and 204.23% of the planned amount.Green finance to achieve innovation and development in the province’s first to establish the implementation opinion on accelerating the development of linyi city green finance “, actively promote carbon reduction support tools, societe generale for turbine thermal linyi linyi branch issue distributed photovoltaic project loans of 56 million yuan, the first won the People’s Bank of China carbon reduction support tool support.The development of green finance at the county level has achieved remarkable results. Luozhuang District has made solid progress in the application of provincial green finance reform pilot zone, and Mengyin County has taken the lead in establishing a county-level ecological resources big data platform in China.By the end of 2021, the city’s green loan balance was 35.971 billion yuan, up 51.65% year on year, the growth rate was 35.08 percentage points higher than the city’s loan and the provincial average of 38.18 percentage points.The brand of financial counseling service was established, and 4 municipal counseling teams and 22 county-district counseling teams were added throughout the year, and innovative financial counseling teams were established for wood industry, business circle and agriculture.Newly registered 2,755 counseling enterprises, a total of 4,751, with a year-on-year growth of 138.02%;A total of 14.593 billion yuan was coordinated to meet financing needs.Start hedong economic development Zone and Tancheng County Lizhuang Town, Red flower town “financial stewardship” pilot, the first half of the financial guidance work comprehensive evaluation ranked the 5th in the province, was rated as the province outstanding units, Tancheng county “financial stewardship” mode selected in 2021 the province’s top ten financial innovation project list.The comprehensive information platform of Inclusive financial services for rural revitalization has been successfully established. As an important innovation carrier of linyi Financial Reform Pilot Zone, the Comprehensive information platform of Inclusive financial services for rural revitalization of Linyi city (” Township Zhentong “platform) has been officially put into operation.The platform adopts the mode of “government + market” and builds an integrated service platform of “financial service + credit service + data service” to solve the financing difficulties and information asymmetry of small, medium and micro enterprises and new agricultural operators.At present, the platform of “Township Zhentong” has successfully collected 893 million pieces of data, covering 473 data items, providing 56,993 data query services and 8216 credit reports through government authorization and tripartite cooperation.75 institutions in The city have launched 360 financial products on the platform, and issued 35,939 loans with a total amount of 14.107 billion yuan.The platform of “Zhentong Township” has successively won the big data Innovative application solution of Shandong Province, Big data product of Shandong Province, Public Service Demonstration platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Linyi City, Science and Technology Award of Linyi City and other honorary awards.Bancassurance red financial education base in shandong province in linyi, November 17, 2021, “red bank insurance financial education base” in shandong province in linyi was unveiled, and river bank Mongolia country museum, river bank Mongolia revolutionary memorial hall and other red resources together, further enriched and expanded the red river bank Mongolia series education brand,It adds a new bright business card with unique financial characteristics for the development and inheritance of yimeng spirit.