A cute boy from Shaanxi province, when he returned home, filled his room with toys. His grandfather used a shovel to shovel them

2022-06-22 0 By

In xianyang in shaanxi province, the other day, a grandpa used shovels to collect toys video let people in distress situation, video display, granddaughter was a home for the holiday at home too boring, can only have been sitting on the bed to play with toy, and don’t play with toys or unwilling to pick up, directly to the toys are thrown to the ground, but next to see grandpa, he sought to help granddaughter to pick up a big shovel,I saw grandpa every shovel is full of toys, a toy is also received several shovels.Her mother said, “When my daughter goes back to her hometown, she is like this, maybe it is quite boring, almost playing with toys all day long, and then her grandfather will help her clean up, while in the city, my daughter’s toys have to clean up by herself, we will not help, back home my daughter is very happy.Netizens are abuzz about it:”It feels like the autumn harvest, only with a shovel shovel, look at the situation is already can’t use up, after all, not a big shovel, up to quite a long period of time” “if there is no watch carefully, really feel is a pile of garbage, but the old man just like this, basically see kids back, they would try to help” “now toys are plastic,Toy is the wood before, if after finishing didn’t pick up, basically be to make a fire with “in my opinion, to take children home basically is such a state, grandma and grandpa are special spoil their children could be more bad habit, as parents still want to look at some more, avoid grandma and grandpa too spoiled child,Of course, do not directly conflict with the elderly, private re-education children on the line, the New Year’s day do not let the elderly unhappy.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.