A woman is accused of repeatedly occupying her parking space by the same car

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For big cities, the number of population is large, the number of cars is also large, and the land resources in big cities are scarce, so the underground garage in big cities are equipped with particularly complete, this thought that parking in the underground garage will save a lot of things, but the underground garage has the same phenomenon of disorderly parking.Ms. Xie, from Guangdong province, bought a parking space in the underground garage for hundreds of thousands of yuan. She thought she could finally avoid competing with others for a parking space. But when Ms. Xie came back today, she wanted to park her car in the underground garage, only to find a white Honda parked in her parking space.Xinyu Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau called the number of the white Toyota, and soon the owner got off. But unexpectedly, the Honda owner came up with a very strange tone, and while moving the car, he angrily criticized Ms. Xie, “Isn’t it occupying your parking space?”What do cantonese have to drag?Looked at each other away, ms xie is very confused, why their parking accounted for by others, but the other said so, ms xie don’t know what went wrong, but ms xie came back the next day, his car was parked on the white Honda car, ms xie looked round and found that there are a lot of empty car around but the car is parked on his car,Ms. Xie understood the other side in retaliation.Ms. Xie simply stopped calling, since the other party felt that the Cantonese dragged it to show him, so Ms. Xie parked her car in front of the Honda, trying to block his journey.Originally was just under the anger of the behavior, but did not expect things towards more and more outrageous direction of development.Because ms xie parked the car by the aisle, that night there will be a female drivers drive BMW carelessly onto xiaoxie when reversing the car, then BMW adjusted the steering wheel and roared off, the second day ms xie found a scratch on the car, go to the property search relevant information, property after a BMW’s behavior was found through monitoring, the property also contacted the BMW owner.But BMW owner said he will not pay insurance won’t go, just as ms xie returned to the garage, the garage just met BMW owner, the owner said his normal driving, because ms xie parked the car on to the drive-through, just cause scratches, you won’t lose, is going to cost and take up ms xie parking Honda car owners to compensate.Hear each other’s ms xie didn’t also the way, so he went to the property management office, I have the relevant personnel says Honda owners have parking Spaces, as ms new parking beside the two parking, because two sides parking parking is like, may be wrong parking order Honda owners, property will soon have a row over here,There will be no mistake if every parking space has a license plate.The property management said that they also contacted the police, and the police said that since it was a small scratch, they suggested both parties to take the insurance. The property management also said that they would promote the positive communication between the two parties. If the communication failed, they would help Ms. Xie to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests through legal means.In this case, no matter where people are, they should not be discriminated against. For a region’s unique impression, it can exist but should not be the reason for discrimination and antipathy. Regional discrimination is absolutely incorrect.And the BMW owner’s behavior from the legal point of view belongs to the hit-and-run, do something wrong should be responsible, do not talk about some crooked, meaningless.Pictures from the network, infringement contact deletion