Actor Xin Yunlai smokes, throws cigarette butts everywhere arouses hot discussion among netizens, netizens: Gu Senxi filter is broken

2022-06-22 0 By

Xin Yunlai, 27, looks nothing like his on-screen counterpart as he smokes on the street on Jan. 26.In the picture, Xin Yunlai is dressed in black, with a cap on her head.He took out his phone and stood in the doorway of the restaurant, smoking and looking at it.Xin Yunlai’s next move surprised everyone.He dropped his cigarette, stamped on it twice, and turned away.Xin Yun to smoke a lot, just went in not two minutes, began to smoke again.This time, he got smart and went to the dumpster to smoke, a mobile phone in hand.The dumpster was only a few meters away from where Xin Yun came to smoke, which was exactly where he was going.But Xin Yunlai threw the cigarette on the side of the road, attracting a lot of criticism, said that his character is too bad.Xin Yun lai, perhaps many people are not familiar with.He won the hearts of many audiences in 2018 with his role as Gu Senxi in The film “Sorrow Is a River”.In 2019, he appeared in a role called Yinzhen in Dream Hui, which made him very popular.Later, Xin Yunlai in “Linglong”, “Five Boys swimming in water” and other film and television works played one role after another, the following “Ten years one product Wen Ru Yan”, “I really hate long-distance love” have a lot of roles, can be described as a bright.Xin Yun lai in front of the screen, always a pair of gentle appearance, beautiful and lovely, not like a smoker.Some netizens even lamented that Gu senxi’s filter was broken when they saw the video.It is not uncommon for celebrities to smoke in private, but Xin yunlai’s mistake was that he should not have dropped cigarette butts, which is not against the law but very uncivilized.And xin Yun to the back, is a tree, in case he accidentally threw cigarette butts into the bushes, the consequences can be big.Xin is not the first celebrity to be caught littering cigarette butts. Chen Kun, Yue Wen-le, Qu Chu-hsiao and others have been filmed before, with some even claiming to be environmental activists.I really hope this kind of uncivilized thing won’t happen again.They are public figures, so they should pay attention to everything they say and do and not bring bad influence to society.