Does “foamy urine” mean kidney disease?An uncle in Hangzhou took a look after urinating and was in a panic

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Shi Wen correspondent Shi Xinyu after going to the toilet, do you have the habit of looking down?By observing the color and shape of urine and feces, you can actually reveal some physical conditions.These days, uncle Wang of Linping, 65, looked back after going to the toilet and saw something was wrong.Wang dabao suffered from diabetes for 5 years, usually very concerned about the treatment, every day on the Internet to read related science, especially the science of diabetes complications.One morning when he got out of bed, he found a layer of bubbles in his urine.He remembered a popular science article he had read: Beware of bubbles in urine diabetic nephropathy!Therefore, Lao Wang hurried to linping integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital examination.(File photo) Examination results did not reveal urinary protein, ruling out the possibility of kidney disease.”How can that be?I see they all say urine bubble should be careful is kidney disease!”So, Wang Uncle went to hangzhou many big hospital test, the results are: no kidney disease.So, he went back to Linping to find Dr. Wu Junping, director of the endocrine department.Wu Junping told Lao Wang, kidney disease may indeed cause foam urine, but foam urine is not necessarily kidney disease!”Foam formation requires surfactant and an external force.In normal urine, 16 metabolites can be detected as surfactants, including 15 bile salts and one fatty acid ester. Therefore, adding a force to normal urine, such as the impact of urination, can form ‘foam urine’.”This kind of foam urine is single-layer foam urine, the performance is bigger bubble, and can dissipate quickly (dissipate in 15 minutes more), the hospital test urine protein is negative, wang Uncle’s case belongs to this kind.How can we tell if we have kidney disease by looking at urine?If the urine of proteinuria patient appears multilayer small to medium bubble, and bubble does not come loose for a long time, if the urine in closestool appears above characteristic needs to do urine routine to the hospital, urine protein, urine microalbumin/urine creatinine to make clear whether kidney or urinary system gives a problem.Of course, patients with a history of diabetes or hypertension or obesity cannot judge kidney problems only by “bubbles in urine”. They need regular physical examination and pay attention to the results of urine protein examination to find kidney problems more accurately and timely.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.