Enter “Fuxing Children’s Palace” : Sunwu Street senior officials community to carry out “bring love home” reading activity

2022-06-22 0 By

In macro net shandong January 27 (Reuters) to satisfy the masses and the realistic need, which the family education for their children, insist on khalid ents, literacy, promote children’s physical and mental health, happiness, growth, Jan. 27, sun wu official street community to carry out the “love home” reading activities, more than 10 participating children with children’s reading classic full of poetic flavour, celebrate the New Year.In the activity, the participants spoke from the heart, moved with emotion, with full of enthusiasm, sonorous tone, refreshing children’s voice recited the classical poetry, famous works, fully show the new era of youth love the party, love the motherland, make progress of the spirit.”Now that our children are on winter vacation, we are worried about how to reduce their exposure to electronic products,” said Gao Yue, parent of one of the contestants. “When we heard about the reading activity in the community, we immediately signed up our children.Since signing up for this activity, the child has been seriously prepared, learned more knowledge, but also cultivate the child’s communication skills, really very meaningful.”Official community as in 2021 villages in the city “to revive the children’s palace” is one of the pilot, the practical work with the new era of civilization village culture education, care of minors, etc. Work closely with, based on community, extensive “send start-up story” “send tutoring service” “send security under the rule of law” “send social care” and other children’s education activities,To meet the needs of public education and cultural services for children in the jurisdiction, opening up the “last mile” of civilization practice in the new era.(Correspondent Li Xia xie Yanwei Han Ruixuan Wang Ruoxi) Edited by Sun Ge Reviewed by Wang Jingjing