Fujian in the sale of zhengrong project inventory, share prices fell why buyers more worried than shareholders?

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The stock market closed Friday with a lot of heartbreak, with more than 4, 000 stocks falling and a lot of misery in the market.With January already down so much, and the last trading day of the first week of spring closing down so sharply, it’s no wonder that this year’s Internet buzzword is “the stock is forever gone.”But then again, the decline in those 4,000 stocks was limited, and one company’s decline was spectacular: Zenro.On February 11, The two Hong Kong stocks of Zhenro Real Estate and Zhenro Service fell by more than 80% in intraday trading, and zhenro Real Estate also fell by more than 60% at the close of trading. It is very rare for the stock price to fall like this in only one day, and some media used a word “flash crash” to describe it.Then zheng Rong quickly responded that the relevant rumors are not true, according to the original plan to redeem the perpetual debt.Although since the second half of last year, well-known brand developers suffered from the “double murder of stocks and bonds” this kind of thing we have seen no wonder, but whenever there is such news we still need to take stock, see the relevant real estate enterprises in Fujian all over the sale of real estate.In this way, whether it is already bought the delivery of the housing, or is looking at the housing holding cash wait-and-see people, can give them a reminder.In the past half a year more than this kind of article I have written many, should say that if the province brand housing enterprises burst thunder fujian’s house people will not be too nervous, after all, these companies into my province market time is not long, the number of projects is more limited, even if there is bad tail building involved will not be too wide.However, fujian real estate enterprises are different. These companies started from Fujian and have taken root for many years in the province. They not only have a large number of projects, but also have large amounts of private financing and borrowing.Zhenro is a real estate enterprise in the north of Fujian province. It takes Fuzhou and Putian as its base, and naturally develops the most projects in these two cities.At present, the real estate for sale in Fuzhou is mainly two business housing projects, one is The Binjiang Zhengrong Mansion in Cangshan, and the other is the original biological Engineering College of Tangxi Village in Xindian Town in September 2021.In addition is RongShiMao siu-tong yue shannan (the two cooperation is perfect fit), are RongYueRong mansion these comfortable room of high buildings don’t have to worry too much.In Recent years, Zhenro has not stopped buying land in Putian, and the pre-sale certificate will be issued in 2021. The purchasers in Putian also need to pay attention to the construction progress.In southern Fujian, last year, when many real estate enterprises had stopped to take the land, Zhenro even bought two pieces of land in Xiamen Jimei New Town. Under the background of a large number of state-owned enterprises bidding in Xiamen, Zhenro left its unique posture and contributed 3.45 billion yuan of land transfer fees to Xiamen.At present, however, Zhenro’s buildings in Xiamen are mainly developed in cooperation with MEDIatek and Zhongliang.In Quanzhou Zhengrong also took a lot of land, especially for Jinjiang, not long ago, there are people to ask me jinjiang Zhengrong house to buy a house, also do not know after persuading them to listen to.Last year, however, amid the panic in quanzhou’s property market, Jindong Zhengrong House in Chendai Town did sell well, and xintang’s Zhengrong house was also sold at a high rate.If these new dishes can be smoothly delivered as scheduled, also hope that determined to buy people really will go to live, after all, can not sell out of the second-hand house is only for residential purposes.In Zhangzhou, Zhenrong is not as many as Quansha. The landmark building is Zhenrong Mansion in West Lake, but it is a super large project with more than 1000 houses, which has been handed in and has not been sold out.However, for zhangzhou’s buyers, luck is actually good, at least the house can be successfully obtained.Although some owners are in a bad mood at the beginning of this year, at least they don’t have to worry as much as those who buy houses in advance.Finally, back to the feeling that zhenrong recently acquired fuzhou urban area 54 north of the land, is also an business housing project, located at the intersection of the ring highway and xindian outer ring road, tangxihua county, the location should be ok.This piece of land has a bad life, the sale process of twists and turns, has experienced several shelves and shelves before it is not easy to shoot out.And fuzhou Ann business housing land is a steady profit, developers are very happy to grab the piece of land or take the upper limit of land price after the lottery, it can be said that Zhengrong get also depends on luck.Next this real estate development is smooth, resettlement housing can move back as scheduled, I’m afraid the local households are inevitably a little worried.