Full scene intelligent ecological cabin MPV, take you to play trumpchi M8 intelligent interconnection system

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The new Trumpchi M8 is equipped with the new ADiGO intelligent driving connected ecosystem, realizing “four-screen intelligent connection” and “four-tone voice control”, which makes it the world’s first MPV with a full-scene intelligent ecological cockpit, bringing users independent entertainment space, four-tone recognition, shared interactive space and premium services for the rear seat.It can not only realize independent intelligent voice control for multiple passengers, but also enable passengers to interact with the screen anytime and anywhere by sharing interactive technology.The new Trumpchi M8 creates an exclusive space in the car for users, providing exclusive personalized services for different passengers in front and back seats, allowing users to enjoy personalized customized experience.Gac Research Institute based on the front and back double host + four screen architecture, using Ethernet technology, video projection technology, multi-user framework application of double open technology, etc., to achieve the partition entertainment function, front and back passengers can simultaneously navigate, watch movies, listen to songs, play games, screen projection, karaoke entertainment, etc., without interference.In order to meet the “private customization” of users, GAC Research Institute proposed the concept of “dual application” for the first time in the industry. Through in-depth development of android native system, the left and right rear screens are driven by the same host independently for input, independent operation and independent audio-visual, without mutual influence.The all-new Trumpchee M8 also supports multi-channel broadcasting, which automatically matches different sound field balance according to sound source positioning and in-screen business. It supports speaker and Bluetooth headset playing mode and dynamic selection, realizing the control of four sound fields and volume in the car and providing private space for passengers.The all-new Trumpchi M8 breaks through the traditional single master driver voice interaction, and is upgraded to multi-person global voice interaction. It can realize device control in designated areas according to partition + semantics.In order to meet the needs of multi-user voice interaction, the new Trumpchi M8 adopts multi-mic array noise reduction, sound source location, narrow beam, full-duplex timely wake up and other technologies, truly realizing the multi-area interaction of voice recognition, wake up and call in the car based on human unit.The new Trumpchi M8 is equipped with four microphones, which can locate the speaker and lock the speaker’s position according to the location result of the sound source, forming a directional beam to pick up the sound. Moreover, the latest noise reduction algorithm can suppress the nearby voice and other noise interference, improving the speech recognition rate and making the command pick up more accurate.At the same time, through voice enhancement, context interaction, cross-scene context interaction, what you see, and other voice interaction technology upgrades, recognition and feedback synchronization can be realized, speaking can be interrupted at any time, so that the new Trumpchi M8 global intelligent voice interaction step to “bit”.At present, the mainstream intelligent voice interaction is basically a single-screen scheme, which can only realize partitioned control of some car body control functions.New spread around kei M8 based on the control panel and rear panel, the first front row double voice assistant architecture, combined with Ethernet communication and transport, realized the “wide little qi” in the corresponding register of intelligent voice control, including the current position of the air conditioning, chairs, HuaYiMen waiting point adjustment, as well as music, radio, video, information query, intelligent snatched service such as game,Truly realize the full cockpit each position phonograph area independent intelligent control.The all-new Trumpchi M8 can not only meet users’ “personal customization”, but also meet different passengers’ screen sharing.Music, programs, navigation, games, and even favorite pictures and videos can be interactive with the screen as long as the screen is launched with one button.The all-new Trumpchi M8 can achieve “three-screen unification” through screen sharing in the whole vehicle.Using the micro cinema mode, you can enter the “Dream Theatre” and enjoy the movie viewing experience as if it were a private cinema.Using the KTV mode of chorus in the whole car, you can enter the chorus mode by initiating karaoke songs and sharing the screen of the whole car, and enjoy the joyful singing experience just like KTV room.In addition, users can share navigation.During navigation on the central control screen, key information such as estimated arrival time, remaining distance and remaining time can be shared with rear passengers synchronously, so that rear passengers can know their itinerary in real time.The new Trumpchi M8 is also equipped with interactive AI mini-games, including guessing singers, guessing song titles and matching poems, to add more fun to the user’s journey.In view of users’ increasing demand for intelligent scenes, the new Trumpchi M8 also provides multi-scene modes. Users can open common functions of the vehicle with one click, eliminating the trouble of opening them one by one.For example, long distance sleepy, can enter the mode of waking up with one button, adjust the air conditioning mode and automatically play rock songs, with the automatic red atmosphere lamp, relieve travel fatigue;When traveling with children, you can enter the children mode specially set for family travel with one click, providing high-quality educational video resources for children, complementing learning and music.To meet the needs of family, business and other travel scenarios, the new Trumpchee M8 also provides exclusive rear seat entertainment services, rear passengers can watch live TV, short video, TV series, movies, documentaries, events and children’s programs through the left and right screens, so that the journey is no longer boring.Through the screen casting function of mobile phone, the new Trumpchi M8 can realize the massive resources of mobile phone and the one-click sharing of car and machine. Users can “sit” to enjoy the visual enjoyment of a larger screen, get rid of the fatigue of holding a mobile phone. At the same time, the mobile phone can be transformed into a “remote control” to control the volume, playing progress, playing status, etc., convenient and fast.It is worth mentioning that the new Trumpchi M8 also has business features. Users can show promotional videos and presentations to customers or colleagues through one-click connection between mobile phone and vehicle screen during travel time, so as to achieve remote office and remote conference functions.In order to continuously improve the user experience, the new Trumpchi M8 supports OTA in-flight upgrade. Users only need to click on the central control screen to confirm the upgrade, which can quickly introduce new applications and improve the system performance, truly bringing users a common and new driving experience.As a new tour de force under GAC Trumpchi’s digital strategy, the new Trumpchi M8 once again upgrades its value on the core advantages of the original model.Choose the new Trumpchi M8, you can not only have first class, but also enjoy the full scene intelligent four tone area ecological cabin.Smart technology, courtesy cabin, new Trumpchi M8, continue to create a happy mobile life for consumers.