Heading to qingqing Campus, the first thing to do is to have a good health protection lesson.

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Back-to-school, students rush to the green campus!At present, we cannot relax our efforts in epidemic prevention and control. This is the first lesson of health protection. Let’s do a good job in personal protection.(Photo by Photo network) Wearing a mask, are you doing it right?Knock on the blackboard: protection first, comfort second!➤ Choose a formal medical or surgical face mask;➤ Distinguish front and back, pay attention to cover nose and mouth when wearing, nose clip compaction;✔ Don’t touch the outer surface of pollution with hands. Save in a breathable paper bag or hang in a well-ventilated place.➤ Replace them in time when there is dirt, deformation, damage or odour. Wear them continuously for no more than 8 hours.➤ Wear a face mask all the way to and from school, on public transport or in crowded areas.Wash your hands often, are you doing it right?Knock on the blackboard: Seven steps to wash your hands, healthy trend!✔ Wash your hands after coming back from outside, before and after eating, after touching public goods, sneezing and coughing;✔ Add soap or hand sanitizer in running water, “seven-step” rubbing hands for more than 20 seconds;➤ Wearing gloves is no substitute for good hand hygiene.(Photo by Picture.com) Distance, did you do it?Knock on the blackboard: social one meter, love your distance!✔ Avoid bunching, hugging and playing, keep a proper distance;✔ Don’t talk during lunch to avoid the spread of droplets;✔ Don’t organize and attend gathering activities such as classmate reunions.Report back, did you do it?Knock on the blackboard: health monitoring, standardized implementation!✔ Check your body temperature before leaving home and check your body temperature before going out.If you have fever, dry cough and other symptoms, promptly report;➤ Teachers and students should standardize prevention and control measures according to school management requirements.Good habits, do you keep them?Knock on the blackboard: three meals a day to regular, regular work and rest do not stay up late!➤ Eat a balanced diet, ensure nutrition, drink more water, less sugary drinks;Right amount of movement, strengthen exercise, enhance immunity;➤ Work and roll regularly to ensure adequate sleep and good mood.(Photo by Photo gallery)
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