Nanyang Wan Yun Group Company Dengzhou Bus Station seriously study “Wan Yun Homeland”

2022-06-22 0 By

Nanyang Wan Yun Group company’s first internal publication “Wan Yun Homeland” issued to grass-roots units, dengzhou branch of all the staff set off a learning climax, carefully read this rich content, elegant reading, even the bus station epidemic card point of the police, doctors, nurses have praised this publication!”Wan Yun homeland” set up a number of columns, in, we were founded in November 1948 after the company, nanyang bus station organization carriage, ox cart, cart before the revolutionary history of shock, more to the company in the process of development made by the results in awe.The columns of honor collection, model worker’s Time, classic replay, and employee’s style are even closer to everyone’s reading horizon. Employees have made suggestions on the current market situation with reduced customer flow and income under the epidemic situation, and performed the team spirit of “Wan Yun is my family, love depends on everyone”.Dengzhou bus stop the epidemic prevention and control card point duty doctor dong new heptyl carefully read the “nanyang shipped home” after publication, said didn’t think of wan transport group co., LTD. Has so brilliant history, no thought of wan transport company can make so many national and provincial and regional honour, wan transport group co., LTD. Is a large-scale professional transport enterprises,In the service of nanyang, Dengzhou local people travel and undertake political transport tasks, has made outstanding contributions to the society, worthy of trust and praise of the masses.(By Shen Junwei and Qiu Fuxiao)