Seven years of long-distance love, but because of the post-nuptial agreement, the wedding day, decisive repenting

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Marriage is a very happy thing, can be said to be in love for seven years, can walk into the hall of marriage can be said to be the envy of many people, but it is such a pair of people envy, but in the wedding day decisive repent, so what is happening?It is understood that the couple seven years ago, the man is Called Yang Zhigang, the woman is called Liu Yuting, the two were in school when they met, after the man’s pursuit finally succeeded in winning the woman, and then launched a seven-year love distance running!In 2021, the couple decided to get married, and both parents agreed, but the woman’s parents demanded that the man pay $18.8 million, an apartment and a car where they both work!For such a request the man is very helpless, but because the two people’s feelings are too good, so the man’s parents and relatives are able to help, is to gather together the bride price and house and car down payment!But the man owes quite a bit of money as a result!Anyway, they were able to get married and everyone was happy, but what the man did not expect was that on the wedding day, the woman’s parents brought out a prenuptial agreement that required the man to sign before the wedding could take place.And he knows about prenuptial agreements, so he shows them!But when he saw the prenuptial agreement, his face changed on the spot!I said, this isn’t a prenuptial agreement, it’s a bully clause, it’s a pusher!The content of the agreement is not very much but there are a few very unacceptable!The first, the man’s salary should be handed over entirely, the daily pocket money is given by the wife!The second, after marriage can not be angry to the wife, and all the housework by the boy bear!Third, the house and the car of the host name to write the wife’s name!The 4th, the debt of the man is solved by the man himself, must not use the money in the home!(you know the man buys a house to buy cars and CAI li, owe a good sum of money, if you don’t let boys could repay the money, that bit of income, can depend on their parents in the countryside to work until what time can also out, and as parents age more and more, even if it’s difficult to go out to work, so this request is really too much!Fifth, after marriage can only let the wife laugh, can’t let the wife cry!The sixth, after marriage no matter what festival, all want to buy gift for wife!In fact, there are dozens of, do not say one ground, say these a few, how many people can accept, do not say is the party directly repent marriage, change you, I think you should also be able to repent marriage on the spot!Do not know everyone local marriage need to prepare what?How much dowry do you want?Welcome to discuss!