(Social) Shaanxi Pingli: Promote the renovation of old houses to create a new rural landscape

2022-06-22 0 By

This article is from:Xinhua News Agency in recent years, shaanxi ankang municipality pingli county in rural housing renovation, the renovation and beautiful house rural construction, rural living environment regulation and global tourism, combining comprehensive ShiCe from place to place because of family, possessions, xing property overall consideration and enlarge employment “SanYe” simultaneously, bashan deep, showing a “villages and houses into landscape, beautiful, local-style dwelling houses have a characteristic” of the rural landscape.Photo taken on April 7, 2019 shows a concrete road leading to tangfang Village in Guangfo Township, Southwest China’s Guangdong Province.Pingli County has promoted access to rural roads and carried out a project to connect rural roads to every household, creating a convenient and beautiful environment for people to travel.Aerial photo taken on April 8, 2019 shows zhangjiaba Village in Zhengyang Township, Southwest China’s Henan Province.Construction workers rebuild old houses in Tangfang Village of Guangfo township, southwest China’s Guangdong Province, April 7, 2019.