Sprint off to a good start!Jele issued a notice on five measures to promote high-quality development of the agricultural industry

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In order to continuously improve the level of agricultural modernization in our county, accelerate the release of agricultural industry vitality and promote farmers to continue to increase their income.Policies and measures (I) encourage enterprises to invest to encourage enterprises to enter our county to develop characteristic breeding, in the contract agreed within the period of actual investment facilities and equipment 5 million yuan (to the qualified third party financial audit report shall be subject, excluding agricultural and rural departments and other types of policy subsidies) above, one-time subsidy of 200,000 yuan.Those who invest in newly-built enterprises engaged in intensive processing of agricultural and forestry products and whose fixed asset investment (excluding land purchase, the same below) is between 5 million yuan and 10 million yuan (inclusive) will receive a one-time subsidy of 200,000 yuan. Those who invest in fixed assets between 10 million yuan and 15 million yuan (inclusive) will receive a one-time subsidy of 400,000 yuan.The one-time subsidy will be increased by 200,000 yuan, with a maximum of 1 million yuan.In order to attract and encourage Taiwan businessmen and enterprises to settle in, Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan enterprises will invest in new characteristic planting and breeding base, agricultural and forestry products intensive processing plant, and the effective investment is more than 5 million yuan, the project completed and put into operation within the construction period agreed in the contract, another one-time reward of 50,000 yuan.To the newly obtained national, provincial and municipal key leading enterprises of agricultural and forestry industrialization, they will be awarded rmb200,000, RMB100,000 and RMB30,000 respectively.(3) Encourage the expansion of product sales.If the newly settled enterprise sells more than 30 million yuan of locally produced agricultural and forestry products within two years after putting into operation (subject to the qualified third party financial audit report, the same below), the one-time prize will be 100,000 yuan.Sales of local agricultural and forestry products through e-commerce platform and sales reach 20 million yuan or more, an additional one-time reward of 50,000 yuan.4. We will encourage product quality improvement.Enterprises successfully breeding, development of new varieties, new technology to obtain a national award of 50,000 yuan, provincial award of 20,000 yuan.Encourage industrial associations to take the lead in carrying out FSC certification for bamboo forests and COC certification for bamboo and wood processing enterprises.County bamboo FOREST FSC certification awarded to industrial association 300,000 yuan of financial subsidies, enterprises by COC production and marketing chain of supervision certification to 10,000 yuan of subsidies.(5) Financial support.If an enterprise has a real need for loans, it can enjoy the discount policy of bank small-sum guaranteed loans and other forms of small-sum loans after being approved by the relevant unit. The discount interest is 50% of the loan interest actually paid by the enterprise for one year, and the total discount interest is not more than RMB 100,000 yuan, which can be enjoyed only once.Other Matters (1) This measure shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation and shall be tried out for three years.During the trial period, support incentives and provincial and municipal preferential policies can be implemented superimposed, and provincial and municipal policies will be given preference to those who meet the support object of this measure.According to the principle of “special matters and special handling”, the key enterprises of agricultural industrialization shall, depending on the circumstances, submit to the county party committee, the county government or the leading group of the special work of investment promotion and investment introduction, and give special preferences.In the course of implementation, if the relevant policies of the superior are significantly adjusted, they shall be implemented in accordance with the policies of the superior.(2) The county Agriculture and Rural Bureau and Forestry Bureau are responsible for the interpretation of this measure. The specific application and approval procedures for cashing rewards shall be separately formulated by the County Agriculture and Rural Bureau and Forestry Bureau;The aforesaid fixed asset investment shall be subject to the audit results of a qualified third party.Source: Le County People’s Government editor: Li Ping Review: Zou Guanlong Supervisor: Xiao Jiuhui Business cooperation, news clues: 0598-2322923 Submission email: 2518131381@qq.com Have any secret words to tell xiaobian?Come to the interactive area to leave a message!No!?How about a dot?