The deepest love, the greatest debt

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A long journey home For a long year Missing people for the Spring Festival The auxiliary police also send their families “a letter from home” paper short love long thoughts are hidden in the letter “Will take care of yourself” Wish people a long distance clouds reunion another season we get together again Dear Mom and Dad, how are you?I won’t go back to Chifeng this year.I always miss my mother’s cooking, miss my father although stern but kind exhorted, miss chifeng hometown relatives and the small house at home.Suddenly the End of the year is approaching, the Spring Festival is coming, but THIS year I can not guard in your side.My brother and I are both honorable people’s police officers. During the Spring Festival, we have to stick to our posts and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and security work in the area under our jurisdiction. We cannot accompany you for the New Year.In fact, I know you really hope that we can go home and reunite. Although you don’t talk about it, you still comfort us by saying that we should work hard and wear more clothes. We always feel guilty about our family.But for every famous police officer, “Nian” is not just a family reunion, but a city full of lights.My brother is a party member, and I have become an active party member. The oath of party membership and the oath of police always warn us that we will try our best to defend a city and protect one party.The New Year, I always worried about your health, in the moment I’m gone, you better good care of yourself, also want to believe that our hearts are always together, pen and ink in a row, book and not long for family memories, paper between short sentiment long, say not to bear the mission of the motherland, without regrets CongJing road, loyal soul cast a police officer.Mom and dad, please rest assured that your son will live up to the trust, but I wish a prosperous country and peaceful people.Yang Qichao dear mom and Dad: alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival times miss relatives.Since the police, and the family gather less away from more, originally wanted to borrow the New Year and family reunion, but as the grassroots police station, in the police uniform at the moment, made a commitment to protect the lights of the family.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, due to the need of work, I can’t go home to reunite with my parents. I have something from my heart to say to you.Dear mom and dad, you are the most solid backing of my rear, so that I can shine in the ordinary post.I will stick to the post, loyalty to fulfill their duties, guard the lights, only to honor a communist party member and the people’s police commitment and oath!Looking at the distance, missing home, finally, thank you for your support and understanding of my work, you have worked hard, I am ok here, please do not worry about.Here, I wish you a happy New Year. I wish my parents good health and everything in the New Year.We also hope that the epidemic will end at an early date and the country will enjoy peace and prosperity.Liu Huanhuan news Propaganda Department of Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau source | Ewenki Public Security Bureau, Hailar Public Security Bureau Editor | Li Zhiyuan audit | Wang Dan