UG/NX Reverse STL scan file handle modeling!Learn your mind well

2022-06-22 0 By

The following is a tutorial on scanner handle design and modeling. The following points should be noted in scanner handle design:Today to share a scan handle reverse modeling tutorial, reverse modeling is also part of the design, not model do as far as possible reduction of scanning data is just a matter of, and these two points to pay attention to oh ~ first of all, when designing these products must understand the human body engineering, consider the use of user experience,Second, in product design, there is a method called “from the whole to the part”, which is to restore the whole first and then other features of the body to have a support point/reference point.You can use a relatively simple handle as a datum, and then other feature shapes can be drawn with reference to the datum. This idea is more convenient to control the completion of the product. Two points need to be paid attention to are briefly introduced.1, look at the imported STL small plane body, can see the edge of the main view line is relatively regular curve, can try to draw directly with circular arc linear commands such as 2, construct the area on the reduction of the datum of the sketch Outlines, projection or alignment after drafting, both methods can effectively control the curve distribution,To achieve the requirement of the required 3, the spare parts with good curve drawing, trimming through existing auxiliary line and to add sections are auxiliary draw 4, surface function with art by two cross section line and guide line construction of curved surface, and then use the X forming fine-tuning and small plane will considerate, application of simple surface can only 3 points in the U direction,5, the upper and lower two curves can use the curve group function, and then use X molding adjustment after the style rounded corner.6. Stretch the piece with the curve of the sketching plane on the right side, and then use X to shape and adjust the position tangent to the fillet.7. Trim the excess surface at the bottom of the handle through the reference surface.8. Finally, the edge of the handle cannot be angled, so make it R3 rounded.Then today’s share here, after will also bring more interesting knowledge and content, will also share UG modeling related knowledge and tips, interested partners remember to point attention, don’t miss the wonderful content after ah ~