When living things die, does consciousness die with them?

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Death is a normal thing for human beings. Since human beings came into this world, they have to face birth, aging, illness and death. Finally, all people, no matter high or low, men, women and children will die.And in our life, we often see or meet the scene of death of others, as time goes by, we will gradually get used to such a sad atmosphere.But while death is common, many people can’t help but wonder what the afterlife will look like, whether people’s minds will vanish with their bodies, or fly off to other worlds independent of their bodies.These are questions that have intrigued not only us but many scientists.In science, there are two hypotheses about death and what happens to consciousness.The first hypothesis is that the mind of the human body is closely linked to the brain, meaning that once the body dies, the mind dissipates.And this hypothesis is evolving and developing with the continuous progress of human science.The assumptions in the beginning there are famous mathematicians Descartes is analyzed from the perspective of dualism of interpretation, the inference of dualism in the scientific community has a lot of different interpretations, but they are the essence of individuals is used to reflect the state of consciousness, among them, the two individuals are physical and immaterial self.From the perspective of dualism, we know that the immaterial entity, namely the self, still exists after the actual death of the human body, but most scientists have changed from the original dualism to today’s materialism.From the Angle of modern science, the brain is the carrier of all kinds of functions, which includes the functions of language, emotional expression and movement function, etc., and the neurons in the brain and the connection between each other constitutes what we call consciousness, once the brain is in a state of death, so these neurons so will stop operation, and the so-called consciousness also will disappear,So people are unconscious after death.The second hypothesis is that Ian Stevenson once conducted such a set of experiments on reincarnation. His subject Tucker said that he could clearly recall his previous lives. In his previous life, Tucker said that he had lived happily with a group of children between the ages of 2 and 6.Tucker was able to describe every detail of his play and life with these children in such a way that even the listener could not help feeling that it was a true story.As for the explanation of this phenomenon, Ian believes that human consciousness can continue to exist after death, and can even be transferred into the brain of other people or reincarnated into the next host in some other ways.However, this theory can exist in the form of concept and cannot be scientifically practiced and verified.Experiments on consciousness after death so does consciousness continue to exist after death?In order to explore the mystery, scientists formed a special research team and carried out a series of experiments to verify.There used to be a scientist to several kinds of 3500 dead people study and examination, a large part of all of those that survived said, in his own death in the state of medical condition is still existence consciousness, they even can clearly feel the existence of the people around you, can also hear your own family conversation with the doctor,And hear very clearly, can even repeat the whole.But to their regret, although they can hear clearly, they are physically unable to respond or think more deeply.All this is like a nightmare. They clearly perceive that their vital signs are weakening little by little, but there is no way to stop them. They feel like drowning in the deep sea.In a similar experiment in Canada, a scientist with the consent of the patients’ families and doctors withdrew the treatment from four patients who were about to die, and then monitored and recorded the changes in their heart rates and brain waves.The researchers then found that in three of the patients, brain and heart activity were almost in sync, meaning that the moment the heart stopped, the brain stopped all activity, so called consciousness disappeared.In the case of the other patient, his brain remained active for a long time after cardiac arrest, meaning that after death, his consciousness was still active inside his body, allowing him to feel clearly what was going on around him.Conclusion through the above the test, you can see that after the death of human is the existence of consciousness is actually the vary from person to person, and not everyone can still exist after death consciousness, among the crowd, of course, also have to be chosen for heaven, “lucky” they can exist after the death of the body can still retain consciousness, even can keep for a long time.Scientists have also explained this by suggesting that those who remain conscious after death are likely to have their brains still working, so they have not yet reached the final stage of death.When their brain’s work is done, the consciousness will fade away.And these people have a lot could be back from the dead, because their brains are not fully functional, which can well explain, why most of the dead people said he was still conscious after death, if the brain and heart stopped at the same time, then explain consciousness has been destroyed, knackered.