12 meters wide villa, home house so built, full of happiness

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Seen European atmosphere, modern simplicity, French romance, but the most unforgettable or new Chinese villa, traditional Chinese style and modern style perfect harmony, even if seen thousands of times, but still let the heart of the mind.The following is the second floor of the new Chinese villa customized by Le Zong in Fuzhou city, Jiangxi Province. If the budget is limited and the house wants to be built in the atmosphere, it is right to choose this house.1, Villa drawing Number: JF220952, main blank reference cost: 28-380,000 3, Floor area: 140 square meters 4, construction area: 272 square meters 5, opening 12 meters, 12.5 meters deep 6, brick concrete structure, building height 9.975 meters Panoramic display plan layout